Saturday, January 18, 2014

Soundtrack Saturdays: Vol. 83 {The Love + Bliss Play List}

Have you ever just felt like love? Everything around you intensified, beauty magnified, and life in general just seems wonderful?  One would think that love must have gotten a hold on me, but this is just the mood I've been in, simply for the sake of being happy.  Therefore, this playlist represents my current mental state and hopefully, in the case that I'm ever down in the dumps in the future, this will be something I can count on in those moments to remind me of a time I felt so alive.

{Oh and by the way, today is my mommy's birthday! 
Thank you for being such an amazing mom, best friend, and support system. 
I love you! ♥ ♥ ♥}

  1. Everything to Me x Lianne Kaye*
  2. Lifted x Naughty Boy (Emeli Sande)*
  3. I Got U x Duke Dumont (Jax Jones) [download]
  4. Happy x Pharrell Williams 
  5. Love Out Loud x Ruby Amanfu
  6. Behold a Lady x Outkast
  7. Take off Your Cool x Outkast (Norah Jones)
  8. Wanderlust x Wild Beast
  9. Donald Trump x Mac Miller
  10. Young Hearts x Rachel Adedeji
  11. Love More x Christ Brown (Nicki Minaj)
  12. Jigsaw Falling Into Place x Radiohead
  13. Sunshine x Little Dragon
  14. Deep Blue Sea x Izzy Bizu



  1. I can always count on you to have a dope playlist! Take Off Your Cool is one of my all-time favorites. I still listen to it looped some nights when I can't sleep. Going to check out some of the others now. Thanks for sharing and hope you're having a beautiful weekend!

    1. Thank you! And yes that's one of my faves also!

  2. Yessss!
    :) This. Playlist. Is. Perfect.
    Currently recreating it in Spotify!

  3. Yes. Two-thumbs up to this playlist! & Happy Birthday to your mom!!

  4. Happy belated bday to tu madre :) She's been blessed with a beautiful soul. Speaking of soul, this playlist is reflecting mine right now. Why have I never heard Take Off Your Cool before? I do not know. Thanks girlie :)


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