Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Reflection on Feminism

As of lately, the word feminism has been floating around social media more than I've personally ever witnessed.  To me, it's beautiful and inspiring that more women are embracing the concept of being a feminist.  And I think it's a garment that has to be proudly worn and definitive of the woman wearing it.

In my opinion, a feminist is a woman who stands firmly rooted in her own beliefs and practices, someone who is confident, influential, well balanced, and strong, and someone who disagrees with the socioeconomic stigma that women are, somehow, inferior to men. Her lifestyle is one that promotes the equality of the sexes in a society without a hostile attitude as a weapon towards men, because she understands why the balance of masculine energy is important.  She is beautiful for her intelligence, her ambition, her passion, and not limited to her sex appeal. Although I don't consider myself to be a feminist, I dedicate a considerable amount of time and self-work becoming a reflection of that kind woman. 

There is an additional list of feminist I personally admire, such as my Aunt Dianne, Alice Walker, Alicia Keys, Karen Marley, Nikki Giovanni, Betty Shabazz, Francesca Lia Block, Phylicia Rashād etc. and hopefully one day, I'll be able retire among that notable cluster of stars, not only for my accomplishments in this life, but for my impact on humanity.



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