Saturday, December 7, 2013

Soundtrack Saturdays: Vol. 79 {A.M. Motivation}

All week, my mornings have started with me blasting Church Clothes 2, the second sequence to the Church Clothes mix tapes by Christian rapper known as Lecrae. Further learning about his testimony, after being recently introduced to his music, was just the icing on the cake. The gospel in his message has been delivered in such an unconventional way and throughout his career, he's made a solid name for himself in hip-hop. Because I am a super late bandwagon fan, I didn't want to do a full review of this LP, however, it did motivate me to create a short playlist of [mostly Lecrae] positive, uplifting songs to set an awesome tone for a busy day, in honor of a new generation of gospel music. I also get so much energy from dub step, electronic music, and pop/club dj mixes, but I'll be doing a separate Soundcloud playlist for that later on.  
  1. I'm Turnt x Lecrae
  2. Round of Applause x Lecrae (B.o.B.)
  3. My Whole Life Changed x Lecrae 
  4. Movin' x Ordinary Dreamers
  5. I'm Rooted x Lecrae ft. Derek Minor
  6. Ayo x Andy Mineo
  7. So Glad x Isaac Carree (ft. Kirk Franklin, Keirra Sheard, & Lecrae)
What songs motivate you in the a.m.? 


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