Thursday, December 5, 2013

Legendary Mandela

{Original work by Patrice Murcia}
It's impossible to really put into words the admiration and respect I will always hold for this man. Nelson Mandela's life was a testimony of living on purpose to make a positive difference in the world and an absolute reflection of both eternal and internal peace. His impact and humility has yet to be measured or understood, but it will certainly be in years to come. My dad has taught me about him my whole life and after reading his autobiography (twice), I gained so many life altering perspectives about who he was and everything he stood for. Not only did he preach on forgiveness, liberation, and solutions through peace and understanding, there is so much to learn from the life he actually led. In his fight to unite Africa, he will always be apart of uniting all nations. History books must now be re-written to acknowledge such a notable man who undoubtedly fulfilled his God-given purpose here on earth; he's more than an international icon, much more than a global humanitarian, and his legacy will live on forever.

Nelson Mandela 
July 18, 1918-December 5, 2013

{Original art work by Patrice Murcia}



  1. Nicely written.
    First of all I love this picture. It's so dope to me.
    Secondly, I felt a sense of inspiration after learning of Nelson Mandela's passing yesterday. I say that because he was such an iconic figure and lived a heroic life, it made me want to work harder to accomplish the goals I set out before me. It's amazing that when people leave this earth what they're remembered for and he was definitely known for greatness. Not to mention he lived a full life. That in itself is a blessing.

    P.S. It trips me out even more the timing of his death and his movie. Idris Elba is holding such an honorable title for playing this role.



    1. Thank you! and yes, I thought the picture was incredible too. I saw it floating around but I made sure to cite the artist before posting. The artist definitely deserves the credit.

      It's good that he inspires you and hopefully you'll continue to use his life as inspiration. It's very powerful to stand by and behind what you believe in, no matter what. It's definitely an asset in the business world.

      I have yet to see the movie, but now I feel like I have to. I'll be watching Invictus again too.

      Thanks for reading!

      ♥ C.A.

  2. I missed this post, but that photo is EPIC. I want it hanging in my future home, lol.


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