Sunday, December 1, 2013

Agapé: The Family Circle

Every year since 1971, we've had a family reunion at Thanksgiving time. People can say what they want about the holiday itself, but for my family, it's a huge deal. For our ceremonial dinner, I was asked to present an occasion speech, that basically explains why we gather and the purpose of the celebration. I don't think I've ever written anything more true and close to my heart as this open letter to my family.  After writing it, I realized how important it is for other families outside of my own to keep family first, above all things tangible, and second to God and faith.  Hopefully, it is received by you all in the way I intended it to be read and that all of you continue to experience a wonderful holiday season. Enjoy:

♥ ♥ ♥ 

Our reunion has stretched beyond the confines of simply being in the company of familiar faces. It has transformed into something bigger than the ceremonial traditions and good food. It's about love and creating a safe haven, a place where, no matter how far we go or how long we are away, we can freely return to the core of ourselves. It is our birthright to embrace that.

This family renuion is about building on the strong foundation pioneered by our forefathers and mothers. In order to grow stronger, there has to be a collective effort from a diverse tribe of beautiful individuals with unwavering roots.

Each one of us are fabricated by an awesome, supreme being and because of that, we are able to celebrate each other in a way that other families have yet to achieve in this lifetime. To believe that fortune is monetary is to not understand what it means to be truly prosperous.

Together, we applaud our accolades and lift each other up in times of struggle. Together, we seek the importance of growth and acceptance. Together, we successfully manifest the existence of a culture that works together in harmony to bring about a thriving community of truth speakers, innovators, and trendsetters budding with knowledge, love, and light.

As we habitually gather, let's not take for granted what a blessing it is to be present, to be surrounded by such a warm, close knit blanket of agapé (unconditional love), nor should we neglect every opportunity to distribute that love to our friends and guest, the honorary extensions of the family circle.

Chymere Anais


  1. I wish my family could set aside differences and come together to do things like that again. I miss the reunions and bonding. Meeting new cousins, giving thanks and paying respects to our elders and the people who keep the family together. I plan to be that change in my generation though. Bring my family together and have us to be able to share a space for a few hours and just be. I'm glad you get to experience that still.

    1. It starts with one person reaching out to someone else. Although it was years ago, that's how we started. So never thinks it's not achievable for you to experience family traditions as well!

      Thanks for reading!

  2. Love your words here, I think it's so beautiful that you were able to write a speech and recite it to your family on such a beautiful occasion as a reunion and one that lands on Thanksgiving no less. I can't wait until the day where I'm able to root myself in more traditions because ever since I could remember, my Thanksgiving has changed like the wind because of my family being cut in two with the divorce and everything. I think it'd be nice to have something that stays the same :) Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you so much! Yea, I know it has to be hard to split holidays with divorces and all., but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy family and traditions also...just maybe in a more unconventional way. = ]

  3. Absolutely beautiful! It is such a blessing to have a strong family unit, I know you won't ever take that for granted but I will say it anyways...DON'T EVER TAKE THAT FOR GRANTED! My family is so disconnected and it's always been this way. I don't know what a real tight knit family feels like and I've always envied those that have one. The fact that you were asked to present a speech is so amazing; to be able to share such beautiful words with your family and be supported by them is such a blessing :-)

    1. Absolutely! I know I'm very blessed to have them and at one point I did take them for granted, just because a close knit family has always been my normal. The more I encountered people who didn't have the same experiences, the more I began to appreciate how amazing and special it is to have that.

      Thank you so much for your kind compliments about the speech itself. That made me smile!

      By the way, it's never too late to start connecting with distant family members and create traditions of your own, so that your future children know the meaning of family!


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