Saturday, November 16, 2013

Soundtrack Saturdays: Vol. 77 {Nakamarra}

There is a funny story behind this song. Sometime this summer, the television was on MTV and I was passively listening to the music videos they were playing. There was one song I heard while I was doing something else and was instantly in love. Soon, it went off and I wasn't able to catch the artist and title. I tried to remember something to Google it, but nothing matched. For maybe an hour, I was torturing myself, because I wanted to feature it on an SS, but then I gave up and told myself that I'd come across it again...eventually. 

 And that is exactly what transpired months later. 

At the beginning of October, I sent out assignments to all the amazing individuals I'm working with for my magazine project. Topic wise, it was pretty much free reign, because it would give me a better look into what they are interested in and hear their unique voice. One of the writers, who goes by the name of Kathrine, submits this amazing article on a band called Hiatus Kaiyote, and a few YouTube videos in the case that I wasn't familiar. Low and behold, Nakamarra was one of the songs she sent and, ironically, the same one I'd been searching for previously in the year. 

So, I've fallen completely in love with the beautiful song all over again; it's been on repeat all week long. Nai Palm, the lead vocalist, has such an incredible voice and I love the spirit that leaks through. It's amazing and I cannot wait to check out more of their music.

Chymere Anais


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  1. Okay, I here this song all the time on satellite radio and I always get really into, then lose interest before the song is over. But listening to it just now at home is a different vibe. Maybe it's just not a car song. But I do like it, and she is NOTHING like what I thought she would look like lol.


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