Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Logic vs. Emotion: The Constant Conundrum

A few months into the new year, I made the big announcement to my family members and close friends about my plans to relocate cross country. Leading up to the month I was scheduled to leave, my mind was literally at complete peace with that decision and was excited about this unknown world I was boldly stepping into. It wasn't until a few weeks before I was scheduled to leave where I started to slowly reconsider, because there were some things happening out of my control. Eventually, I convinced myself that it wasn't the right time, so I postponed the move to a later date.

As you can probably imagine, once the skepticism kicked in, I caught myself constantly worried about whether or not I was listening to my own heart, trusting the spirit guide. So many times, our heart will lead us in one direction and our head will tell us to go elsewhere. What happens when people are totally convinced that the conventional route is the right one? What happens when people lose site of their dreams and initial ambitions? They become someone else...and no matter how content they pretend to be within that, caution is often fear in disguise, which can lead to a life of regret and misery, at least in theory. 

Head vs. heart is something all of us go through at some point.  Unlike me, there are people who can make a decision and stick to it, and not once go back to rethink it.  It's apart of having a mind of good entrepreneurship, because there are many occasions  that an individual will be forced to face, as a business owner and leader, to make a solid choice. Because deadlines are in place most of the time, there isn't always enough time or room to keep questioning whether it's a good choice or not. I'm not wired that way and I certainly hope to one day be that decisive. I suppose I can be in practice, but I'm not quite there yet. 

Right now, I am somewhere between where I should be and where I want to be. However, one thing my head and heart both agree that staying here (mentally) is not the smartest solution. Somehow, I feel like clarity is not as far away as it seems.

Chymere Anais

{Special thanks to my good friend J.W. for inspiring the title for this post.}



  1. you have to do what's best for YOU. I just made a tough decision so I understand. you'll end up where you're supposed to :)

    1. I believe that! Thank you for your encouragement!

  2. I hope your spirit settles amd you make the right decision!

  3. The difference in trusting your own heart v. being led by God/spirit guide/higher power, is that when it's led by God everything will fall into place effortlessly; there will be less things out of your control. That's when you will know.

    I know for me, personally, everything fell into place: housing, jobs, money, etc. Sometimes it's a good thing when things don't happen when you want them to; this was a hard thing for me to learn. I think I would consider myself as one of those people who make a decision, stick to it and not think twice about it.

    Rooting for you. Your time will come.


    1. Great reminder, Court. So many times we get stuck on trying to do everything on our own when the key is patience and absolute trust that things will work out.

      Thank you so much! Your support is appreciated. = )

  4. I read somewhere that the heart is who you really are and that the mind is a construct based from fear, worry, and past mistakes so often times when you go with your mind, you aren't truly going with what you want to do. I think you'll definitely get to Cali, it's in the universe, I think it will happen, but I also hope that your head doesn't thwart you and your purpose, which I know you know based from what your heart wants.

    I think Courtnee made some really good points and you should use her feelings as an example. Time will tell. And I know you can do it. You have too much potential to go down without a fight :)

  5. Follow your heart and you'll find happiness. Good luck!

    xo, Stephanie
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