Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Anti-Style: Polaroid Ready

For this particular Outfit of the Day, I originally wanted create a layered look centered around a knitted scarf, but it didn't feel that cold out, so I ended up gravitating towards a chambray button up to compliment the mostly black (top, skirt, and tights) ensemble. To me, all the accessories-from my vintage clutch from mi abuela, to my mixed blend of beaded, gold, wood, and cloth jewelry pieces, to my signature floral headband-made this ensemble pop in a very subtle way.

This outfit was a result of closet/room/car shopping for something comfortable and appropriate for newly fall weather. I can't even say I'm responsible for the purchase of most of the items I had on, but they all work together to cater to what I like. 

On my nails, I am rocking my current favorite nail polish [I'm Not Really a Waitress by: O.P.I.], a beautiful deep wine colored red. I color outside the lines a little bit, but that's what I love about The Anti-Style series and expressing myself in general; imperfection is my cup of tea. I'm not perfect, therefore my personal style doesn't have to be either...and I'm absolutely okay with that.



  1. Love your boots, accessories & that nail color is pretty. I put that color on my toes a couple weeks ago! Lol!


  2. Lovin' the accessories and the chambray! And you're right, it's not always about the camera. I'm glad you're being so confident and showing off your personal style in these Anti-Style posts :)

  3. Cute look, Chy! I love your boots and I really need that polish for the season. Oh and super jelly about that Polaroid!!! I have one on my Christmas wishlist that I hope hubby or my little big brother will buy lol. And you're totally right- it's not about the camera. On a good day, my phone takes better pics in natural light than my Nikon. *sighs*

    1. LOL exactly...although I wouldn't mind a Nikon myself lol


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