Saturday, October 19, 2013

Soundtrack Saturdays: Vol. 73 {Trevor Holmes}

I have been head over hills with singer/songwriter Trevor Holmes this week. Just in case you aren't familiar, I definitely recommend checking him out, starting with his original song, Kiss Me Like That. His voice is just magnetic and that song is adorable.  After being introduced to him by Lisa over at Love to Go, I went back and watched all his YT videos and fell especially in love with his cover of Ho Hey by The Lumineers. I already love the song, but I usually like acoustic versions of songs better. On top of just being super talented, he's quite handsome! Ahh..just a breath of fresh air! Because I love hearing new material from musicians on the rise, I'm typically really good at deciphering rising icons; it's something like a hobby.  Believe me when I say this:  This young man's music career is going to explode in the near future...and I cannot wait. 

 Chymere Anais

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  1. *waltzing over to YouTube now, getting familiar*

    ...especially since I know you have great taste in music (:


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