Saturday, October 12, 2013

Soundtrack Saturdays: Vol. 72 {Nothing Was the Same}

I've been a fan of Drake since circa 2007, the same year 'Comeback Season' dropped. It wasn't until after that mix tape when I went back and listened to 'Room for Improvement', which was released the previous year. When he first made an appearance on the scene, there wasn't anyone out there like him, at least not in mainstream hip-hop, so I could really appreciate his rather mellow and introspective verses.

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  1. I REALLY need this album! I've listened to half of it thus far and can agree with a lot of your comments about the kind of artist Drake is. I can listen to his lyrics for days, and you're right he has never compromised his artistry for what everyone else may have been doing or rapping about and that's why I appreciate him. Thus far, the album seems so perfect. I'm in love with Pound Cake lol. I can't wait until the day he becomes the father of my children, I'm only partly joking btw lol

  2. I love Drake's style. I love how he knows he's different from all of these "rappers" that put out this garbage music. When I first listened to the album, I as a bit disappointed.. not because he sounded like a scorned ex, but I just wasn't wowed like I had been in the past. I can say that I did love a few songs.. I mean REALLY love like From Time (really love this song - "you give but you can't take looovvee.."), Pound Cake, and Hold On We're Going On. Perhaps I should do like you and give it another listen and give the album another chance.

  3. Very special!

  4. Pound Cake is definitely #1 for me as well. I absolutely love Drake, I don't care what anyone says LOL. I will admit, I downloaded the leak but I did buy the album when it came out.

  5. ok, your favorites are my favorites!! but the language is my very favorite!! i'm going to the concert next month and I cannot wait!!


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