Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Missing My Forever, Pt. II

{click here to read Missing My Forever, Pt. I}

Last night, I had a dream.
Love held us close while you held me.
We were both nestled on an island;
I was laughing, you were smiling.
The sun lit horizon settled in the midst
As the water and the shore shared a kiss.

I tried my very best to be present
And not take the moments for granted,
But when we locked eyes, I suddenly lost the bliss.
I wanted to freeze time before reality finally hit.
As we lose ourselves in this dream together,
I've always only wanted to be yours forever.

From the shore with you to alone in my bed,
Thoughts of you danced wildly in my head;
And no matter how much I tried to squeeze my eyes shut,
I could not re-live that dream after I woke up...




  1. beautiful poem

  2. Beautiful poetry! Not done any poetry in a while, I need to get back onto it!


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  3. Replies
    1. Thank you!!!

      Don't be. We are all given special gifts and talents, so whatever yours is, use it to create beautiful, magnificent things!

  4. This poem is so lovely. I felt I could relate to it a little, with that desire to freeze time and not face reality. Thanks for sharing this piece Chymere!


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