Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Missing My Forever, Pt. II

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Last night, I had a dream.
Love held us close while you held me.
We were both nestled on an island;
I was laughing, you were smiling.
The sun lit horizon settled in the midst
As the water and the shore shared a kiss.

I tried my very best to be present
And not take the moments for granted,
But when we locked eyes, I suddenly lost the bliss.
I wanted to freeze time before reality finally hit.
As we lose ourselves in this dream together,
I've always only wanted to be yours forever.

From the shore with you to alone in my bed,
Thoughts of you danced wildly in my head;
And no matter how much I tried to squeeze my eyes shut,
I could not re-live that dream after I woke up...



Saturday, October 26, 2013

Soundtrack Saturdays: Vol. 74 {Fall PlayList II}

The second fall play list, sound wise, is a little different from the first one I posted a couple weeks ago. It is a bit more personal, in the sense that this play list is a direct reflection of how I've actually been feeling and the mostly love-centric thoughts I've been keeping as of lately. Because it seems to still fit into the mood that fall automatically puts me in, I decided this would be part II. Although I'm sure I've featured at least two of them in previous SS, these are the songs that sang my heart all week long.

  1. Lost and Found x Lianne la Havas
  2. In Your Atmosphere x John Mayer
  3. Time Travel Undone x SZA
  4. Moody's Mood for Love x James Moody ft. Patti Austin*
  5. Devotion x Jessie Ware
  6. Dear No One x Tori Kelly
  7. Alone Together x Daley ft. Marsha Ambrosius 
  8. Smile Like That x Esperanza Spalding
  9. All We Are x Matt Nathanson
  10. Ah Yeah x Robert Glasper (ft. Musiq Soulchild ft. Chrisette Michele)
  11. How to Save a Life x The Fray {in honor of two of the most beautiful souls I've ever loved gone from this life too soon. With the birthday of one and the death date of the other that fell within the same time frame, I celebrate them both, especially this week.}

Chymere Anais

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Dating 101: Date With a Purpose

Many people don't see me as a qualified candidate to dish out relationship advice. Why? Because I'm single and that automatically places my expertise on a novice level.  When it comes back into full circle for the relationships that didn't work out or the situation that never held any relationship type rank, I'm left to feel the urge to sigh a nonchalant 'I told you so', but I do my best to not say those exact words to avoid sounding like a competent jerk. The point is: don't miss the message by [mis]judging the messenger.   It's not like I'm this serial dater, whose track record with men is completely in the dumps, although there is something to learn from that kind of person also, I am single strictly by choice.  And I've learned, from people that have been married for 20 + years that it is better to be happily single than to be miserable in the wrong relationship.  

Dating 102 is my perspective on what dating is beyond the surface.  It is my advice on building confidence when determining not only who, but also how one should date. Please don't just skim through it, because it's easy to take one line out of context if you don't read it, especially if you plan to comment with a burst of disagreement.  Let's begin, shall we?
  1. Keep God first. Now this one is a matter of personal choice.  Everyone doesn't have the same understanding of God.  However, when it comes to your own spirituality, the person you date needs to have parallel beliefs. To be unequally yoked, as Christians would call it, may work for a couple of dates, or maybe even a few years, but not in the long run, unless one set of beliefs are compromised eventually.  
  2. Date with a purpose.  I believe it was a clip from the movie 'Drum Line' that fits perfect for this. "Southern girls don't casually date."  I don't know how true that is in comparison to northern girls, but I do know that at 12 years old, I applauded in agreement with that.  I've always been taught to date intentionally, because otherwise you're wasting valuable time that can never be given back. Some people spend years in a relationship they know was not designed to progress, but they stay with the excuse of how much time has already been invested. The ultimate purpose of dating is to get to know someone, figure out if that is the person you are compatible enough with to see a lasting future potential, and then go from there.  Dating out of boredum or loneliness rarely makes for a stellar relationship. Some view it differently, but fortunately this is my blog, therefore my opinion is validated. 
  3. Allow things to happen organically.  Why is this so important? In mutual interest and attraction, things will happen without force.  It's really simple; try it. 
  4. 100/100.  My best will attract someone else's best. My 50% will attract someone else's {fill in the blank}. If we both come with half, that is all we have to give each other. All or nothing. 
  5. You can't force someone to fit into your own perception.  There is an abundance of good men and women roaming this earth, despite what man made, often miscalculated statistics say based on human population. With that being said, do you honestly believe that every good man or woman you meet is somehow intertwined with your destiny on a romantic?  Just because someone doesn't appreciate the person you are, doesn't make them a bad person; they just aren't for you and that's okay. Every attractive person you meet isn't meant to be your boyfriend/girlfriend, king/queen, husband/wife, however you want to word it, but you can learn something from everyone you meet.  A good woman can inspire a decent man to be a better one and vise versa, but that doesn't mean anyone is allowed to try to change someone by being good to them. There is a difference between being good to someone and being good for someone, and when both happen simultaneously, it's a beautiful thing. 
  6. Don't expect people to have the same understanding that you have about how dating and relationships work. At the start of a fresh new relationship, it's exciting and easy to forget to have that conversation, where both parties can locate the commonalities and differences on how they interpret dating, which will automatically reveal intentions.  This is where a lot of people mess up, because of misunderstanding due to lack of communication.  
  7. Just because someone is being nice doesn't mean they're showing interest.  Please don't fault me for what I'm about to say, but I do think this has a lot to do with the infamous conditioning of daddy issues or things that are a result of broken homes.  Now, this is not something I feel comfortable speaking on, because it's not something I can relate to, so when it comes to that part of this point, I could be wrong.  Girls, especially, have a hard time deciphering when someone is being nice and when someone is showing genuine interest.  Some guys find it difficult to be nice, because girls will think they are showing interest, when all they're doing is being the gentlemen a good parent or set of parents taught them to be. It's the same with guys.  One always ends up being put into a black list category when they weren't showing interest to begin with. 
  8. Last but not least, accept people for who they are and meet them where they are, or don't invite them into your life at all. People will be very honest about who they are, what their intentions are, and where they stand; don't ignore those things.  (see # 6) When it comes to pure malice to mislead, that is all about discernment and trusting yourself.  Trying to change someone, or trying to make them think how you think and see things the same way you do, will only lead to disappointment. Don't expect people to change who they are to accommodate who you are. If you can't accept them from jump, don't dive into anything with them.  Just keep it at hello and keep it moving. 
Perhaps, you're better off not listening to anything I have to say in regard to relationships and stay stuck in the crappy situation you're in.  Or maybe, you'll take my advice seriously and things will turn out wonderfully for you. Whatever floats your boat or steers your yacht is your choice.



Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Inspired by The Indie Byline

♥ In Love with: my new church family. As important as it has always been to surround myself with people I can connect with on a spiritual level, it has been the missing component in a lot of my friendships and it's probably, because I was too closed and resistant to allow those kind of relationships to develop. I am so grateful that I opened my heart up to let new people in my life, especially ones that hold me accountable and allow me to grow in my relationship with God. 

♥In Lust with: technology and how swift and intelligent it is! I find myself totally coveting new gadgets or thinking of ways to revamp (the use of) old ones. It amazes me constantly that genius mind capacity can be transmitted through a device.  

 Obsessing over: Christmas and NYE Plans! I thought I was a little crazy, considering it is just October, but Home Alone came on television this past weekend, so that only encouraged me to feel festive. (lol)

♥ Working On:  A conceptual outline for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), which is in November. The annual project was designed to help amateur writers like myself with the discipline and dedication they need to complete a novel, or at least the first draft. 

 Favorite Words: "Decide that you want it more than you are afraid of it."-Bill Cosby

 Favorite Visual:  a clean and nicely organized house.  I've gotten into the habit of making sure my vicinity is kept clean, especially my bedroom. Waking up and coming home to a clean room is just so...aesthetically pleasing. I've also been loving fall inspired home decor, such as faux fur throws, cute holiday accents, decorative mantles, etc. There is just something about a clean, cozy interior during the cooler seasons seasons that just warms my heart. 

 Favorite Sound: Lianne La Havas' voice. I've been listening to her a lot lately and those vocals give me chills every time. She is extremely talented, so underrated...and that happens to too many artist; what's new?

♥ Anticipating : a few things. Christmas. The celebration of love at upcoming fall and winter weddings. Watching the harvest of seeds planted last year around this time.  

 Thinking about: where I am mentally, as well as all the things I'm learning in regards to God and my faith. Definitely sensing a progress that took years to unfold. 

 Over the Moon about:  where hard work and patience is taking me and the result of both so far; conquering goals one step at a time.

 Dreaming Of: love...or rather the potential of it showing up in a way I never would have imagined, which proves that God's will is greater.

Chymere Anais


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Soundtrack Saturdays: Vol. 73 {Trevor Holmes}

I have been head over hills with singer/songwriter Trevor Holmes this week. Just in case you aren't familiar, I definitely recommend checking him out, starting with his original song, Kiss Me Like That. His voice is just magnetic and that song is adorable.  After being introduced to him by Lisa over at Love to Go, I went back and watched all his YT videos and fell especially in love with his cover of Ho Hey by The Lumineers. I already love the song, but I usually like acoustic versions of songs better. On top of just being super talented, he's quite handsome! Ahh..just a breath of fresh air! Because I love hearing new material from musicians on the rise, I'm typically really good at deciphering rising icons; it's something like a hobby.  Believe me when I say this:  This young man's music career is going to explode in the near future...and I cannot wait. 

 Chymere Anais

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Anti-Style: Polaroid Ready

For this particular Outfit of the Day, I originally wanted create a layered look centered around a knitted scarf, but it didn't feel that cold out, so I ended up gravitating towards a chambray button up to compliment the mostly black (top, skirt, and tights) ensemble. To me, all the accessories-from my vintage clutch from mi abuela, to my mixed blend of beaded, gold, wood, and cloth jewelry pieces, to my signature floral headband-made this ensemble pop in a very subtle way.

This outfit was a result of closet/room/car shopping for something comfortable and appropriate for newly fall weather. I can't even say I'm responsible for the purchase of most of the items I had on, but they all work together to cater to what I like. 

On my nails, I am rocking my current favorite nail polish [I'm Not Really a Waitress by: O.P.I.], a beautiful deep wine colored red. I color outside the lines a little bit, but that's what I love about The Anti-Style series and expressing myself in general; imperfection is my cup of tea. I'm not perfect, therefore my personal style doesn't have to be either...and I'm absolutely okay with that.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Soundtrack Saturdays: Vol. 72 {Nothing Was the Same}

I've been a fan of Drake since circa 2007, the same year 'Comeback Season' dropped. It wasn't until after that mix tape when I went back and listened to 'Room for Improvement', which was released the previous year. When he first made an appearance on the scene, there wasn't anyone out there like him, at least not in mainstream hip-hop, so I could really appreciate his rather mellow and introspective verses.

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Monday, October 7, 2013

JetSet | Traveling in Style

Autumn Casual

When it comes to my everyday style, I'm all about remaining comfortable while still maintaining all the elements of my own style. This principle is especially applied while traveling. Usually, when I travel, I seem to have an immediate, on-the-go itinerary to tend to and I've learned the hard way that there isn't always time to shower, freshen up, and change outfits. Therefore, I like to stay prepared by wearing something that looks presentable. No one looks like paradise post-flight, but all we can do is try, right?

Apparently, I'm a fan of ripped jeans, simply because they automatically add "edge" to any outfit. I love this outfit because it's rugged, comfortable, with hints of feminine.  It is perfect for that Summer/Autumn transitional weather and I could name a myriad of instances, beyond traveling, where this outfit would be appropriate. That bag is also the perfect size and can work interchangeably as a carry on or a book bag for class. My dream closet is so fabulous and I can't wait until my actual closet is a replica of it!

How do you prefer to travel in style?

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Soundtrack Saturdays: Vol. 71 {Fall Playlist}

In the fall season, I tend to gravitate towards deeply mellow tunes, and they all usually have a nostalgic feel. As you can probably imagine, it can be full of deeply sentimental moments. On my iPod, this playlist is titled, Fireplace Faves.  I'm also more inclined to pull from my classical music collection during this time, because it helps me study better.  These are lovely songs that are perfect for a cozy, at home listening session cuddled in front of the fireplace with hot tea or chocolate, which I'm sure I will be doing a lot of once it gets colder.  It doesn't quite feel like fall just yet where I live, but this is what my life sounds like in autumn:
  1. What Color is Your Love x Terry Callier
  2. Au Revoir x OneRepublic
  3. How Deep is the Ocean x Diane Schuur
  4. Autumn in New York x Billie Holiday
  5. Harvest Moon x Neil Young
  6. Stubborn Love x The Lumineers
  7. Ruby x Mount Kimbie
  8. Elusive x Lianne La Havas
  9. Lovesong x Adele
  10. Two Doves x The Dirty Projectors
Do you guys have a play list of songs you listen to 
particularly in the fall?? If you do, be sure
to leave your selectionsin the comment section below!

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