Saturday, July 6, 2013

Soundtrack Saturdays: Vol. 59 {Songs of Summer, Pt. IV}

...And I'm back with a sequel to my first 'Songs of Summer' playlist. Parts I II and III were mostly songs that have come out more recently, but this week, I'm pulling out the classics! Part IV of the list is perfect for beach bumming days and/or summertime soiree with family and friends, so there's a lot of tropical sounding melodies in the mix, as well as some old school feel good songs. Nothing screams summer like really festive songs like Bari or calypso, so I've included some traditional island music, also. Maybe next week, I'll dive into more of that.  Enjoy! 

Songs of Summer IV by C A on Grooveshark

Hope everyone in the USA had an amazing, American style 4th of July and are continuing to celebrate this weekend, because summer is still young!
Chymere Anais


  1. So I'm halfway through it and just had to comment that I love this playlist! I love the overarching theme because you certainly do feel calypso-Bari elements throughout, it feels so islandy lol. I love it, I'm just at my desk grooving all the way through, perfect way to get me out of my work rut :) thanks girl!

  2. Check that JT song out though, I think the file is disrupted or something


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