Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Am.

The 7 Chakras
Dreams that fill my head about my future are colossal. Although I've done a pretty good job at breaking them down into smaller increments that would eventually lead to a bigger goal.  What I haven't done is tracking my progress in each area my life, rather than just focusing on goals that have to do with my career.   For instance, I'm not asking myself questions like 'what kind of love are you showing your loved ones?' or 'how are your day to day actions affecting your mental and spiritual?' Alignment is just as important as accomplishment.  Every now and then, I'll set a more personal goal, but I think I should start paying more attention to my chakras and what kind of person I envision myself to be.  There is more to life than school and my career.  There is so much I want in this lifetime and I honestly believe that when I become the person I am supposed to be, everything [else] will naturally fall into place. 

Chymere Anais 

{To gain a better understanding of what each chakra means, C L I C K  H E R E.}



  1. What an interesting epiphany. From what you say here, I think alignment and accomplishment are important, but I also agree with something I heard Tracee Ellis Ross say recently about not letting lists take away your experiences of the present. I'm making a mental note of that. I also agree with your statement of there being more to life than career and school, I hope to be one of those people who can one day have it all. I've never heard of chakras, but I will look into them now, it seems interesting.

  2. Love this, this is me all the way. While I focus so hard and go by my "list", lately I've been trying to better myself as a person everyday. I'm focusing on becoming my ideal self. There are little things I need to work on to become the person I want to be...love harder, be a better friend, speak kindly of people, etc. It can't be work and school only, there's more to life :-)

  3. I actually love this. I think alignment is very important. You can't expect to succeed if you fill your mind and your surroundings with negative things and people. Everything from the music we focus on, the words we speak, etc. play a part in our life's progress.

    Great read Chymere.


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