Sunday, January 6, 2013

Thorns of Roses

Life has certainly taught me about rebuilding and about keeping up the good fight. So many times I could not fathom ever emerging from the ashes, but when I finally came to terms with that power to recreate, I realized a strength I'd never known. I wrote this poem some time ago in the trenches with the intentions of venting frustration. Little did I know that this particular piece would pretty much become my personal anthem. It reminds me whenever I'm in the low points of life, that I am able to emerge from any storm victoriously.  As you read, I hope it has the same affect on you as it does on me.

Thorns of Roses

I am a rose that gracefully transcends any war zone
Fighting my way through this jungle
Yet still remaining beautiful in the face of my scars
And open wounds
Life never painted me a pretty picture
But I maneuver my way despite that through these cracks
Are so many nonexistent impossibilities
I try my best to follow my heart and listen to it speak
Paying close attention to every beat
And the stillness of the music in me
I discover the key to loving deeply and to living fully
Without fear, and without boundaries
I keep climbing my way to the top
Through all the storms and inclement weather
Knowing there is a greater reward If I strive to be better
I’m so determined to tear open the concrete
With just the thorns of my roots
As beautiful as ever, shining my light
Paving a path beyond the heights of my dark, eerie skies
I rise, reaching for the stars
To grow to be the woman I was born to be
I am a rose that gracefully transcends any war zone
Refusing death without an honest fight
Finding my way through this jungle called life

-Chymere Anais

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