Thursday, January 3, 2013


♥ In Lust With: black and white photography. It almost forces you to imagine in color.

♥ In Love With: Life, Perfect days, and good friends.

♥ Working On: developing the concept, content, and framework of my magazine project.

Favorite Words: "We accept the love we think we deserve."

Favorite Visual: No matter how many countless times I've seen it, the Atlanta skyline at night is absolutely breathtaking. Home sweet home.

Favorite Sound: a song  - "Breaking the Law" x Emeli Sande

♥ Over the Moon About: having a blast coming into the new year with positive people and being able to set an amazing tone for great things to come in 2013.

♥ Thinking Of: a certain someone that seemed to waltz into my life at the perfect moment.

♥ Hoping for/Dreaming of: prosperity and abundance in everything I encounter whether that be love, success, happiness, etc.
♥ Anticipating: watching how a new year unfolds.

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  1. Whoa there! Lol you're talking about my romantic exploits and look what I happen to see in this Currently, a certain someone waltzing into your life... Hmmmmm lol.

    But seriously though, thank you for being soooo happy for me and my love. I promise promise promise to reveal more about him as time goes on :) Thanks Chymere!

    PS: Your favorite words is on point :)

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