Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Currently {with a Twist}

♥ thinking about... incorporating more elements to my blog such as more style post, as the pieces of my revamped wardrobe slowly come together, bring back Fitness Fridays, book/film reviews, and maybe even an advice column, to make it more interactive.

♥ excited about… swim practice in a few days and moving to California in a few much to accomplish in such little time!

♥ infatuated with... my hair. It's just so soft and curly and this is my first time noticing...or maybe it's never been this healthy.

♥ reading 'Water for Elephants' by Sara Gruen

♥ creating…  Opportunities and some hand made creations for an etsy shop ^_^ (further details coming soon)

♥ working on saving money, different projects that all involve turning my passions into a career, and completing undergrad. Busy girl, but I really do try to maintain balance.

♥ loving… myself, and the woman I'm becoming, more and more each day.

♥ hating the fact that I can't take everyone I love to Cali with me.

♥ wondering how long it will take for me to not want meat at all on the journey to becoming a vegetarian.

♥ anticipating... this year's Warped Tour; hopefully I'll be able to go.

♥ craving Sunny weather, sun dresses, adventure, hair flowing in the wind with the windows down & music at full blast, bright neon manis/pedis....SUMMER!

♥ listening to… The Foreign Exchange radio on Pandora.

♥ watching… my dog sleep peacefully at my feet.

♥ netflix-ing... Gossip Girl and Scandal.

♥ drinking... way too much coffee...I think it's become my vice since I stopped drinking..

Blog tip: From now on, I'll be posting 3-4 times a week on specific days ((Monday, Wednseday, Friday, and Saturday)) for the sake of organizing my life and creating a set schedule on my editorial calendar. Anything extra I write after a week is already full will be scheduled for the next available week.


Chymere Anais


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Album Review | Anything in Return - Toro y moi

Artist: Toro y moi
Album: Anything in Return (2013)

Chaz Bundick, musically known as Toro y Moi, strikes me as a creative who approaches his vision the same way he would a design project, and given his academic background in graphic design, it makes perfect sense. Although it's an admirable characteristic to think that way, it wasn't until the producer/song-writer released his third full-length LP, Anything in Return in 2013 that I really began to understand the progression of his art. Perhaps, the follow up to this album was meant to regress-and time travel to his mix tape days in a sense-but, I didn't fall in love with his more recent project, What for? the same way I fell for this one. 

The mellow tone throughout Anything in Return makes me think of a lazy Saturday afternoon or a road trip down a scenic highway. It's easy to understand why his music is commonly referred to "chillwave", or beach music. Although Chaz has mentioned in previous interviews that it wasn't his intention to create that kind of sound, it's fitting. However, this album is still able to bring a lot of different genres to the table, creating a cohesive mixture of house, funky, electronic and pop elements. And the lack of ambition that he seems to possess as an artist doesn't materialize itself in his music; it's a malfunctioning structure that actually works for him.

In terms of context, it's the perfect album for a free spirit finding love and discovering who they are all at once. It's a compilation reflective of the idea of always striving to be a better person and never forgetting to enjoy the ride and live in the moment. I remember reading somewhere that this album was written and recorded while Bundick's was moving across the country from South Carolina to California with his girlfriend, a gesture that is reflected effortless on this record. That seemingly insignificant detail adds a bit of romanticism and character to the story line. Uncertain of what direction he's going in next, I really do hope for the best in that Toro y moi continues to grow with his music. 
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Monday, January 28, 2013

Why Don't We Fall In Love?

"I want someone I can fall in love with everyday forever and never get bored. God knows my heart."

Yesterday, I traveled deep into my heart and explored a part of me that longs to fall in love...and not just for the sake of falling.  A few times, I've shared with my readers some of views on this particular subject matter. I talked to my mom a little about some of the thoughts I was keeping, unaware that I was even keeping them, and she just allowed me to ramble away about what kind of love life I imagine sharing with another person.  Right before bed, I opened a journal that is about 3 years old in attempt to remember what it felt like.  To be completely honest, I didn't feel anything or relive any moments; it just felt like I was reading a story of someone else's life. Although there was a lack of emotion for moments I was so passionate about once upon a time, reading my heart splattered all over those off-white colored pages made me want to experience love...again.

Careful not to script the entire conversation between me and mother darling, I told her something that I never really thought of until that moment. In the past, if something didn't feel right almost immediately, I was reluctant to give it (whatever 'it' was) a chance.  Most of the time, friends would encourage me to ignore my gut and act against myself, only for me to realize that I was right all along. It's always this voice that whispers to stay away if someone isn't right for me and I admit that I haven't always paid attention to it. Mom calls it the spirit of discernment that allows me to be a pretty exceptional judge of character. It's because of the truth about people that is revealed to me that made me say out loud that I want to know if someone is 'the one' within the first 15 minutes of knowing them.

Certainly, we've all heard the cliche statement, sometimes you just know. As annoying as cliches tend to be, I just so happen to believe in that one with all my heart.  I do think love takes time to grow, as it takes time to build any relationship and I believe in proper order (friendship, courtship, love, etc.), however I don't feel like it takes that much time to recognize love, or at least the seed of it, when it appears/happens.  Perhaps it's whimsical thought, but if I were to ask 95% of the men and women in my life who have been happily married for many years, they all will say that they knew immediately they were supposed to marry that person.  I know this, because I've asked before out of curiosity. Surprisingly to some, that response is mostly from the men. Some call it love at first sight, I just call it gravity; a natural phenomenon that occurs when your soul is a magnet to the soul of your star crossed lover.

Only God knows if I'm ready, but my heart is open.  Over the past few months I think I've tried to force it in a familiar setting, which usually gets me no where, so now, I'm just being patient and trusting what God is doing in my personal life.  In the time being, I'm on a mission to becoming a better woman, build my career, and let my perfect love happen the way it's supposed to happen, with who it's supposed to happen with.


Saturday, January 26, 2013

SS: Vol. 38 {Bubble Bath}

The rotation lately, and not just this week, has been very mellow and calm mood music.  After long work/school/business days, followed by running, swimming, and climbing mountains, the soothing energy from this play list I created specifically for winding down was just was exactly what I needed.  I like to call it The Bubble Bath Play List. Although this isn't the full compilation, but these would have to be my 8 favorites. The combination of relaxed melodies and songs that sing my life (not necessarily my direct situation) brought me amazing peace in what could have potentially been a stressful week.  
Anytime you experience a crazy week, make sure to find some "me time" in your schedule  to re-energize and recover. Although every evening this week for me has pretty much been time spent selfishly, I don't mind carrying my alone time into the weekend, not one bit. lol.

What are some of your favorite 'bubble bath' tunes?
  1. "In a Sentimental Mood" -Sugar Hill
  2. "Fall in" -Esperanza Spalding
  3. "Beautiful Dreamer" -Jill Scott
  4. "Feeling Good"-Shaun Escoffery (rendition)
  5. "Driving for Hearts" -Corinne Bailey Rae
  6. "Try Your Wings" -Amel Larrieux
  7. "You Make Me Smile" -Aloe Blacc
  8. "Stardust" -Stacey Kent, Jim Tomlinson

Chymere Anais

Saturday, January 19, 2013

SS: Vol. 37 {Musical Moods.}

Musical mood as of lately...


Thursday, January 17, 2013

In My Natural State.

I've always been a natural girl. When I was younger, the pressure to get a perm that 'tame my curls' was strong, but the chlorine from swimming would do too much damage. I had to deal with my hair the way it was, which back then was more of a chore than an act of self-love. A few times I tried weave, but was always self-conscious about wearing it. Through much trial and error, experimenting with different styles, I found contentment with my curls. Over the years, taking good care of my hair has gotten easier.  Now that there is an array of resources on how to properly treat/manage natural hair to keep it strong and healthy, I'm finally learning how to embrace it. And honestly, I've never felt more beautiful.

Chymere Anais

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sans Inhibitions

It's safe to say that we've all had those aha moments that forces us to take a good look at how we're living and to shift our own rigid perspectives. In those moments, we reveal what/who matters, what/who doesn't, and where we stand in different arenas of our lives.  We can either lay and accept it all or get up and change it. I've had this revelation recently and I must stay that it was quite the eye-opener. It's really causing me to look in the mirror and blame her for everything.

This weekend, I experienced a cluster of these moments that normally happen sporadically and far in between, where the light bulb comes on immediately and all the blemishes and imperfections peek from their hiding places.  The beauty of it is being honest enough to see it all, because denial is a disease that causes people to assume everything is perfectly perfect and [continue to] hide all the turmoil happening right under their noses.  

In a previous post, I openly discussed my fear about moving to California.  It dawned on me early Sunday morning about how badly I've wanted to go for so long, how much I'm connected and drawn to that place, so why hesitate now if I was born with the ability to create opportunities and make it happen?

I'm a firm believer that we all create our own circumstances.  This could easily be a debate of destiny, fate, and free will, however it's what I feel to be true for everyone.  In this sense, apart of me feels like I have chosen to be stuck where I am.  Not that my life is a complete nightmare, but I know things could be a lot better in terms of what I'm accomplishing.  

The ultimate challenge is to decide if I want to stay here or be courageous enough to motion out of stagnancy, to go somewhere.  I've just noticed some cycles, habits, and thoughts that are keeping me in place and only I can determine where I'm headed from here.  It's probably even necessary to do some soul searching, so that I may have a sense of direction.  I'm inspired to isolate myself and find a spot where it's just me and God, conversing easily about life and how to properly position myself for my greatness...because quite frankly, there is nothing worse than being blessed, yet too unprepared to receive anything.

Therefore, what I really need to focus on at this point is releasing all fear and start living the life I've always imagined;  moving forward, stopping for nothing, and never looking back.

-Chymere A.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Currently .

♥ In Lust With: black and white photography. It almost forces you to imagine in color.

♥ In Love With: Life, Perfect days, and good friends.

♥ Working On: developing the concept, content, and framework of my magazine project.

Favorite Words: "We accept the love we think we deserve."

Favorite Visual: No matter how many countless times I've seen it, the Atlanta skyline at night is absolutely breathtaking. Home sweet home.

Favorite Sound: a song  - "Breaking the Law" x Emeli Sande

♥ Over the Moon About: having a blast coming into the new year with positive people and being able to set an amazing tone for great things to come in 2013.

♥ Thinking Of: a certain someone that seemed to waltz into my life at the perfect moment.

♥ Hoping for/Dreaming of: prosperity and abundance in everything I encounter whether that be love, success, happiness, etc.

♥ Anticipating: watching how a new year unfolds.

♥ Chymere A.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

SS: Vol. 36 {Ryan Leslie}

Ryan Leslie is probably one of the most talented artist on the mainstream scene.  These days, he's seem to have taken on a new swag. His latest music has focused on other elements of his artistry and I have been loving his most recent creations. The videos are just as sexy and amazing as the song themselves.

Chymere Anais


Friday, January 11, 2013

Pearls of Wisdom: The Art of Feminism

"Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness. Take pride that even though the rest of the world may disagree, you still believe it to be a beautiful place."
– Kurt Vonnegut, Jr

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dating 101: Be the Standard

This generation is so lost when it comes to so many things, dating and relationships being one of them.  The men in my life, friends and family members alike, are wonderful examples of a man's role in relationship. It's because of them that I'm optimistic about one day meeting my king.  In conversations with girlfriends, I often take the side of viewing good men in abundance. I truly believe that good men are walking this planet. However, I recognize that a good man or a good woman is not a universal term for 'fit for all'. 

Being single has allowed me to get to know, work on, and build myself.  In my alone time, I am able to connect with who I am as a woman on a deeper level. Naturally during this time, I have the opportunity to meet and explore different personalities, which makes it easier to decipher what I do and don't want in a potential mate.  I am perfectly fine with being single for now, but there are just some things I don't understand about how people approach dating situations. Quite frankly, I didn't always have standards and that put me in trashy situations with men. Before I was willing to compromise and give myself to anyone who said I was pretty. Thank God I've chosen to BE the standard from here on out. Call it high maintenance, but at this point, I refuse to settle because I know my worth.

Although I'm not one to give people a hard time, there are a few ways to deal with me for a person who has taken interest, or rather how I feel a man should treat any woman:
  • I am a lady. Treat me as such. Do not obnoxiously hunk your horn and expect me to run outside when we getting ready to go out.
  • Be yourself on the first date, so I'll feel comfortable reciprocating that authenticity. Women have this weird ability to see through b.s.
  • Don't spend all your life savings trying to impress me, because it won't work (flashy is not really my thing).
  • Let things flow naturally. For example, the 21 questions thing is a middle school game.  The more we talk, the more you listen, the more we spend time together, the more myself will be revealed. Simple.
  • If you really like me, show me.
  • Respect me by being completely honest. If it's casual, say so, just know that it won't go beyond friendship unless it's intended for us to work out differently. 
  • You will never get to know the real me strictly through Texting, Tweeting, and liking my IG pictures and technology will never replace the intimacy of phone calls and quality time.
  • No, I will not come over to "chill" with you after 9pm.
  • If we reach the point where we are in a committed relationship, I will work through the hard times and be the best woman I can be. No one is perfect, but (sorry) I will not take you back if you cheat on or constantly lie to me.
  • If you're not my boyfriend, don't expect the benefits of being one.
I could go on and on, but for the sake of not putting the complete blueprint to my heart on my blog, I digress. The point is pretty clear, right? I take all relationships seriously. And even though I know every guy I come across won't be my husband, I still think the rules to dating still apply.  It's just a respect principle. The ones that fail to understand this aren't typically the ones who hold my interest for long. Or am I the one unconsciously doing something wrong here?

Maybe I'm just too old fashioned for these new school shenanigans.


Chymere Anais

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Fear or Change of Heart?

In this moment, the thought of California frightens me.  Rather than me fulfilling a vision, it feels more like walking through a dark scary swamp land alone with no flash light.  As a result, my mind seems to be changing and slowly giving in to that fear.  Potentially, the self doubt was sparked, or maybe even caused, by outside opinion. Will I sink in quick sand like they say? Perhaps, I'm engaging in the wrong conversations.  Whatever the reason, suddenly all the reasons why I shouldn't have taken the place of all the reasons why I should.  Now my body feels somewhat settled, growing more and more accustomed to life on the east coast, and in my free time I'm contemplating staying put, or at least postponing, until all the fear goes away.
However, I should question whether or not I will allow temporary fear to outweigh a long term dream of mine and if the opinions of those who only want me to stay are important enough to make me reconsider.   If I stay, will I find contentment, yet spend days mourning with regret?  If I go, will I painfully miss the familiarity of my hometown and my comfort zone?  There is no way of really knowing any of those answers right now. Honestly, this is the most opportune time to continue to plan for it. I'm young, beginning to explore being an adult in my early 20's, and I don't currently have any obligations that will bind me to a certain place, group of people, or anything that requires/depends on my physical presence. Granted, so much can happen in one year, but I've already successfully passed through the first quarter of my year.  According to my Countown to LAX timer, there are only 200 something days until my said official move date, approximately 5 months to wrap my mind around a final decision.
It's really not like me to overthink the negative.  And I have to be really careful to make sure my thoughts are true to me rather than the thoughts emerging from the confusion I currently feel.

Chymere Anais

"Sometimes you have to venture outside of your world to find out who you are."
-Gossip Girl


Thorns of Roses

Life has certainly taught me about rebuilding and about keeping up the good fight. So many times I could not fathom ever emerging from the ashes, but when I finally came to terms with that power to recreate, I realized a strength I'd never known. I wrote this poem some time ago in the trenches with the intentions of venting frustration. Little did I know that this particular piece would pretty much become my personal anthem. It reminds me whenever I'm in the low points of life, that I am able to emerge from any storm victoriously.  As you read, I hope it has the same affect on you as it does on me.

Thorns of Roses

I am a rose that gracefully transcends any war zone
Fighting my way through this jungle
Yet still remaining beautiful in the face of my scars
And open wounds
Life never painted me a pretty picture
But I maneuver my way despite that through these cracks
Are so many nonexistent impossibilities
I try my best to follow my heart and listen to it speak
Paying close attention to every beat
And the stillness of the music in me
I discover the key to loving deeply and to living fully
Without fear, and without boundaries
I keep climbing my way to the top
Through all the storms and inclement weather
Knowing there is a greater reward If I strive to be better
I’m so determined to tear open the concrete
With just the thorns of my roots
As beautiful as ever, shining my light
Paving a path beyond the heights of my dark, eerie skies
I rise, reaching for the stars
To grow to be the woman I was born to be
I am a rose that gracefully transcends any war zone
Refusing death without an honest fight
Finding my way through this jungle called life

-Chymere Anais

Thursday, January 3, 2013


♥ In Lust With: black and white photography. It almost forces you to imagine in color.

♥ In Love With: Life, Perfect days, and good friends.

♥ Working On: developing the concept, content, and framework of my magazine project.

Favorite Words: "We accept the love we think we deserve."

Favorite Visual: No matter how many countless times I've seen it, the Atlanta skyline at night is absolutely breathtaking. Home sweet home.

Favorite Sound: a song  - "Breaking the Law" x Emeli Sande

♥ Over the Moon About: having a blast coming into the new year with positive people and being able to set an amazing tone for great things to come in 2013.

♥ Thinking Of: a certain someone that seemed to waltz into my life at the perfect moment.

♥ Hoping for/Dreaming of: prosperity and abundance in everything I encounter whether that be love, success, happiness, etc.
♥ Anticipating: watching how a new year unfolds.
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