Tuesday, December 25, 2012

On the True Meaning of Christmas

In contrast to yesterday's post, my attitude has made a major improvement. Today is a new day, which means God has granted me the opportunity to have the best life ever, starting today.  Last night, I prayed and about my troubles. The weeks leading up to the holidays were rough. Almost instantly, my life flashed before my eyes, but in a way that was a glimpse of my future. It was an experience I will never forget, an amazing one that gave me new found optimism and so much hope.  That has never happened to me, but I'm glad it then.  Now I have the confidence I need to move forward.
This morning, I was blindly depressed about little things, like not having a tree this year and Christmas not turning out to be exactly how it was when I was a little girl. Those special, warm and fuzzy feelings didn't happen this year. Then, I thought about all the parents who lost children this year, who probably made their home extra festive weeks ago for ghost children.  Instead of families watching their little ones happily tearing open gifts, they will be attending vigils in honor of them. From the stabbings in China, to the families of Newtown, Conneticut, tragedy has struck different parts of the world and all of these people share a common affliction.  Nothing compares to the heart break of losing a loved one, especially around the holidays.  For a moment, selfish ole me forgot about all of those broken hearted people.  Ashamed of my own pettiness, I said a prayer for them in my heart, because I do know how it feels to lose someone close to me.  However, I can't imagine how it feels for a parent to lose a child. I wouldn't wish something like that on my worst enemy.
Although presents weren't perfectly wrapped under a beautiful pine tree for me, I did receive really nice and thoughtful gifts from friends and family. I decided to make a calculation of all the new things I've purchased this year, as well as a list of all the things money can't buy. Winter boots, countless CDs, new technology, things to make my space a home, perfect health, great people in my life, etc. In retrospect, I had a great Christmas and I've been exceptionally blessed all year long.
Let's remember the real reason for the season. It's not about the decorations and the gifts. While all those things are nice, it's still a time to celebrate family, love, spreading joy, and all the wonderful intangible things that can't be replaced.  That's where true fortune lies.  
Merry Christmas
from my family to yours!!!

Chymere Anais



  1. Sometimes, we must let go of our expectations and just take life as it comes and embrace it!

    My Christmas don't look like the ones when I was younger since, well, since ages ago. And that's ok! I've grown and changed and become a young woman who celebrates Jesus. He didn't come in splendor or bearing gifts as a newborn—He was the gift. That's all I need. I can be content in that. Hope it encourages you.

    Merry Christmas darling

    1. It does indeed. Thank you and happy holidays to you as well!

  2. I agree with pretty lady and Hannah Montana. That little girl once said, everybody has those days and I try to remember that whenever I'm having a low moment. Just do your best to not keep up with the joneses is what I say because sometimes comparisons is what can really make you blue.

    It's late but Merry Christmas! I love the evolution I've been able to see with my Christmases and as a little kid, I never thought I would but I do. I've realized it's people I care much more about than tangible things. I was happy to be alive, still am. And I'm still glad you're feeling betta dear!


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