Saturday, December 8, 2012

Graduation Season

This morning I woke up in an emotional frenzy. Today, like any other day, a major shift was developing in the universe.  The difference in today was in my own reality, yet another graduation would be missed due to surrounding circumstances.  Realizing I would not be able to witness an added set of comrades across the stage and in the midst of flustered sadness, I claimed a moment I did not rightfully own.  Selfishly, the only thought that crossed my mind was ‘everyone is leaving me’ and I would be left to navigate joys and hardships of college alone. Then it hit me: the speed of progress varies with the person and all our paths are different. 

The phases of life, even the often excruciating transition between each one, are sometimes hard to accept, especially when it means waving goodbye to certain experiences and individuals.  However, those changes happen, designed to bring new opportunities to surface and promote the inevitable, progressive movement of life. Each day, I learn more and more how to embrace those changes peacefully and without question.

The limited view of today’s events eventually transformed into happiness, as I realized being happy for other people requires one to ignore personal feelings and circumstances to express happiness in spite of. Every time graduation season rolls around, I tend to fall into this state of mind where I am feeding into the bad habit of comparison, a side by side evaluation of my life and their life (against whoever they may be). It has taken me a while to understand that just because someone has reached a certain level of success before I do, doesn't mean the path I’m taking is the wrong or less successful one. 

Hard work fails to recognize time, but only continues with great humility until completion. I can’t think of the accomplishments of friends and family as people I love leaving me, when they have worked hard to earn their hat of honor.  It’s selfish, unfair, and disrespectful, especially to those individuals who have always lifted me higher in moments of triumph and will always be in my corner to cheer me on. 

So in honor of people graduating today, many who I consider to be true lifetime friends, I congratulate you all.  I am so proud, for you have finally reached the end of a hard road to celebrate a huge milestone and this is only the beginning.  

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