Thursday, December 27, 2012

2013, Be Good to Me: Pt. I

This year taught me quite a bit.  There were plenty of situations I was put in that were true test of faith, patience, and humility. A lot of memories were made, but at the same time, this year lacked significance.  Everything that was major to me was really just a step forward in my career plans, so I really do feel like 2013 will be the year of execution. The biggest thing I conquered was the 3 month Life Reset challenge presented by Ms. Kimberly Luxe where I was able to date myself and focus on my goals.  After that, I began to feel like I was fully prepared to fly into my full potential in this coming year.

Tonight, I'll be starting on my cleaning.  Recently, I moved back home and didn't realize until I was packing how much stuff I accumulated over the past few months, in addition to how much I left home and didn't get rid of. Everything is all over the place. Therefore, I'll be going through boxes, deep cleaning, re-organizing, and pretty much making sure that I don't bring old dirt into the new year. When I need a mind shift, cleaning and recreating my living space seems to really help.

It might even be a good idea to do some cleaning to the blog to give it a new direction. My blogging goal for this next season is to be more honest with myself, find my voice, and not be so afraid to show my own truth. It would also be really cool to commit to doing a 365 Photo-a-day Project for personal fulfillment, to resurrect my deep love for photography.

Like many others, I do make a list of resolutions per year, however this year I was able to start on that list fairly early (Fall 2012), thanks to the life reset.  To add to what I already have on paper, here is a list of a few things that I feel like I need to work on:
  1. Attitude.  At times, I can be extremely defensive/reactive.  It's something that people close to me have pointed out and I'd really like to stop taking everything personally. I want to be one of those people who are hard to stay mad at, just because they have such an amazing presence about themselves.
  2. Softer/feminine side. This ties directly into attitude.  Growing up, I was always taught that it was lady like to be soft spoken; humble yet powerful.  The older I am, the more I'm starting to see how much more beautiful a woman with quiet strength is. It's up to me to carry myself more gracefully in my adult life than I did as a teenager.
  3. Wardrobe. The look books I've created are all figments of my imagination, yet not hard to incorporate into my own closet. I want my clothes to speak for who I am and for me, it has very little to do with labels and what is trendy.  As Ralph Lauren once said, "Style is very personal.  It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly, style is forever."
  4. Finances.  This is probably one of the most important improvements I need to make.  Bad money decisions can cause a lifetime of stress.  Considering the kind of lifestyle I desire, one that goes beyond just being able to buy nice things for myself, it's imperative that I get my finances in order now.
As far as NYE plans, I'm not completely sure.  Although, the club scene is not really me at all, the best friend is a genius at persuading me to go places I don't necessarily want to go and I end up having fun. Since it has been on my mind to slow down on the drinking, maybe I'll decline, go to church with my parents, and bring in the New Year's day at home in peace.  I remember doing this one year, but I don't exactly recall if it made a difference in how my year went, so who knows.  As the saying goes "Start how you want to finish" so that is something to keep in mind when deciding what tone I want to set for the New Year.

What are your goals for 2013 & special NYE plans?

Whatever those goals and plans may be, I hope they bring you complete bliss and add value to your journey.  Kiss 2012 good-bye with a smile and be hopeful about what 2013 has in store.

-Chymere A. 


    1. We have a lot in common! I'm right with you on 2013 being a year of execution. I realized a lot of things in 2012 that need to be acted on.

      Also, I want to work on being less defensive. Sometimes I really let what I perceive as criticism bother me too much. Also, the quiet strength thing. I'm a quiet person by nature and used to think of this as a negative. I'm learning how to be assertive with out having to be loud or rude.

    2. I'm with you on 2-4, I'm not very feminine at all anymore. I dress like a lady but act like drunken sailor sometimes with my potty mouth. I do want to work on being more ladylike and dressing up more since I am very much a woman now.I need to act like it.


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