Thursday, November 15, 2012

Today I am a Wanderlust Gypsy...

Port au Prince, Haiti
Every now and then, I'll find myself lost in a dialogue with someone about the future. Conversations such as this, that stem from mutual dreams and ambitions, really do inspire me and make me extremely proud of the people in my life.  The other day, me and a close friend, who just so happens to be one of the most ambitious young men  I've ever met in my entire life, had an extensive conversation about traveling the world.  It started with him inquiring about where he should travel to next.  In response, I dished out names of the different places that I'd personally like to visit and we began to talk about travel plans for the coming year, as well as upcoming projects in our careers.  Because of the mutual interest, my dreamer's heart smiled just thinking about the possibilities of hopping on a plane (or boat) to any and every destination my heart desires.

World travel is one of the biggest things on my before 30 list, as I've previously noted.  Nothing fascinates me more than adventure and exploration. The gypsy in me has always believed that 'the world is too big to stay in one corner' and although I've done my share of traveling, it will never be enough until I am able to see the world.  It's so sad to know that there are people who have never seen further than their own back yard. Being able to experience different cultures is powerful.  The way the lens is automatically transformed when a person realizes how vast the world, even in the ugliest spaces of it, is a complete humbling experience and if one has the opportunity/luxury and resources to tread the earth, learning the beautiful differences of humanity while basking in God's amazing artistry, they are fortunate and blessed. 

With such a huge heart for world travel, I'm speaking it into existence that I will be financially suited to travel tons more next year, put this passport of mine to use, and if God allows, a road trip or two with friends and/or family before the year is over. To add to that wish, an incredible camera [like this one] to capture all the moments. Not only do I think it would be personally rewarding, but also beneficial for the sake of accolades.  For instance, there is so much material I could gather for my writing, another level of inspiration to create more in depth character sketches and thicker plots.  It could even be an avenue to growing my business along with this blog.  What there is to gain outweighs whatever could be lost.

Lanikai, Hawaii
Send me to:
~Paris, France 
~Arta, Greece
~Port au Prince, Haiti
~Rio de Janero, Brazil
~Cape Town, Africa
~Sydney, Austrailia
~Barcelona, Spain
~Lanikai, Hawaii
~London, England
~Cairo, Africa
....just to name a few of the places I'd gladly book a flight to tomorrow if I had a chance and hopefully one day be able to experience them with a special someone. Until that day comes, I'm falling in love and practically consumed with the thought of a jet setter lifestyle more and more each day.

Is travel on your bucket list? Where are some places you dream of traveling to?

{Special thanks to bloggers like Bobbi and Gabby from En Route that help me realize just how much travel means.  One day I will have travel stories of my own. In the meantime, I live vicariously through them!}

Chymere Anais


  1. I love it!
    There are still a lot of places in the U.S that I've love to visit but outside of it...

    Beijing and/or Tokyo

    Just to name a few.

  2. I've been to a few great destinations, but I still haven't soaked up the sun in Brazil, so I'm excited to travel there next year!

    -xx, Morgan Ashley


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