Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mon-Wave Mondays #4

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As the NBA creeps closer and closer to playoff time with only a few games left in the regular season, there is not much room for error at this point. It’s not looking promising for the L.A. Lakers, who fired head coach Mike Brown this week.  Fans anticipated the return of Phil Jackson only to be disappointed that Mike D’Antoni took the position instead.  Whaaattt? Considering D’Antoni has never won a title with any of his previous teams nor has he lead any teaam to the playoffs, I think that was an extremely miscalculated move.  Hopefully, the players will be able to pull together and recover from some of the upsets so far in time for the playoffs


I want to be an optimistic fan, but the Cowboys win Sunday night wasn’t really impressive as far as I’m concerned.  There is still more time, however, for hope to be revived. The tell-all will be determined by what they do Thursday in the Thanksgiving day match-up againgst the Redskins.

Even as a loyal Dallas Cowboys fan, I must say that the Atlanta Falcons have had an impressive season and 8 games in were undefeated. QB Matt Ryan’s stellar performance will be a great asset post season and with the direction of Mike Smith, they have a chance at taking on any of the elite teams they face post-season.

Is it too soon for Superbowl predictions?

The NY Giants have a pretty good chance at making it as Super Bowl contenders again.  In the past, they’ve been pretty diligent at barely motioning into the playoffs and dominating at the last minute.  Although defensively they could be more consistent, they have the strategy to make plays at pivotal moments in the game.

As far as opposing team, I’d say San Fransisco 49′ers have a pretty decent shot at making it to the Superbowl. I consider the 49′ers to be the underdogs, and it’s always nice to see the underdogs in a title race. As a whole, they have definitely stepped their game up since last season. Defensively, they have established a promising pace that would make them seemingly qualified to perform at a higher level.

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