Friday, November 30, 2012

Fitness Fridays: Fitness Goals for December

It has been a while since my last Fitness Fridays post, where every Friday I would come by briefly to track my own progress and to motivate anyone else who was on a journey to good health and well being. Honestly, I have been slacking on my weekly workout plans. It didn't feel ethical to preach about physical fitness if I wasn't living it. However, I was able to re-discover inspiration and I've taken some time to re-focus and get back on track for December and enter the new year in full force. I believe starting now will benefit more so the momentum isn't lost mid-year.

With that being said, I've made a few fitness goals to commit to starting bright and early tomorrow morning. Not only will this give me a good starting point to get back in peak performance shape, it will also allow me to prepare for a January detox. The program is being prepared by a friend of mine who specializes in holistic wellness. I'm really excited to just clean out my system of all the toxins and be able to properly begin a healthy lifestyle. My goals are as follows:

Pinned Image♥ No fast food
♥ Less eating out, more cooking [balanced] meals
♥ Only drink water, tea, and juicing fluids
♥ Very limited alcohol intake
♥ Run 2 miles in the morning and 2 miles in the evening 5 days a week
♥ Swim at least 4,000 yards 4 times per week
♥ Keep it spicy: switch up the workouts to keep it fun and interesting
♥ Do ab-focused sets right before bed (I.e. 3 reps of 50 crunches, 50 sit ups, 50 Russian twist )

My advice to anyone who is attempting to shape up who is not sure about where to start: start small. My list may sound intimidating or maybe even impossible, but I am aware of what I am capable of athletically. If you do not have the experience of someone who has been an athlete most of her life, it is okay to start simple. Perhaps, start with 1 mile jog, 3 mornings per week and a fitness class for the day time. You have to be honest with yourself, but you should never be afraid to challenge yourself. If you are able to do so, it would be a great investment to meet with a personal trainer and nutritionist, so that an expert is able to guide you and create a workout regimen that works for you and what you are looking to achieve. Many people will try to do things alone and do it the wrong way, which can be dangerous in the long run. Also, it may help to find a reliable workout partner with equal interest, yet a higher experience level. The most important thing is to focus on improvement and not be afraid of where you are right now in your fitness journey.

Hope this helped and I look forward to staying consistent with this particular segment of the blog.
Happy Fitness!!!

Chymere Anais

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


There is a voice inside all of us, 
That lies beyond the fibers of physical make up
A voice that is quiet and calm and honest
Bearing the essence of the thoughts and dreams that sit in confinement
That little voice, just waiting to make a difference
But we being composed with trained qualities like fear
Are too afraid to be heard loud and clear
Too afraid that if the curtain is pulled that the spotlight might be too bright
Or the defense for what’s right won’t be liked by the audience
A deep dark penetrating fear that blocks the blessing to ears
So the chaos continues, people ignorant of current issues
Children misguided by the mere silence
A mind plagued with guilt and fatigue
From thoughts fighting to be released
All because no one is brave enough to speak


Monday, November 26, 2012

Photo Diary: Thanksgiving Moments

Being around family centers me.  It's so important for me personally to surround myself with love and I've been so blessed to have a family as close knit as mine is.  Upholding some of these traditions we have now depends on my generation and younger generations.  As the years go by, I can only hope our bond grows stronger, so that my future children will have the kind of rewarding childhood I experienced, just because I had a family reunion every Thanksgiving (and most summers) to look forward to. Blessed.


Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I love the fact that my grandma has kept every single letter my grandfather wrote her during his time in the military, while he was still courting her. A love that is as strong as theirs is something I pray I have the opportunity to experience with someone one day.  It's sad that the digital age has stripped away the sincerity and vintage beauty of handwritten letters, but it's something that I will do until my muscles no longer allow me to.

I'm sitting here with my grandma while I'm diligently typing this elaborate, wonderful story of love and bliss.  Breaking the silence that danced in the room, she asked, "What are you over there typing?"

"A love story," I say briefly, not wanting to break my focus.

"About who?" she pries further.

"You and granddaddy."

For a moment, the silence returned, as if we were trying to create a space for his spirit to join the conversation.

She giggled softly, "Oh honey...that story has to be written on a different kind of paper." 

The implication that their love defied modern definitions made me erase this long story I'd already typed, because somehow her thought sounded profound enough metaphor to be the perfect summary and ending.

Chymere Anais

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mon-Wave Mondays #4

Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images


As the NBA creeps closer and closer to playoff time with only a few games left in the regular season, there is not much room for error at this point. It’s not looking promising for the L.A. Lakers, who fired head coach Mike Brown this week.  Fans anticipated the return of Phil Jackson only to be disappointed that Mike D’Antoni took the position instead.  Whaaattt? Considering D’Antoni has never won a title with any of his previous teams nor has he lead any teaam to the playoffs, I think that was an extremely miscalculated move.  Hopefully, the players will be able to pull together and recover from some of the upsets so far in time for the playoffs


I want to be an optimistic fan, but the Cowboys win Sunday night wasn’t really impressive as far as I’m concerned.  There is still more time, however, for hope to be revived. The tell-all will be determined by what they do Thursday in the Thanksgiving day match-up againgst the Redskins.

Even as a loyal Dallas Cowboys fan, I must say that the Atlanta Falcons have had an impressive season and 8 games in were undefeated. QB Matt Ryan’s stellar performance will be a great asset post season and with the direction of Mike Smith, they have a chance at taking on any of the elite teams they face post-season.

Is it too soon for Superbowl predictions?

The NY Giants have a pretty good chance at making it as Super Bowl contenders again.  In the past, they’ve been pretty diligent at barely motioning into the playoffs and dominating at the last minute.  Although defensively they could be more consistent, they have the strategy to make plays at pivotal moments in the game.

As far as opposing team, I’d say San Fransisco 49′ers have a pretty decent shot at making it to the Superbowl. I consider the 49′ers to be the underdogs, and it’s always nice to see the underdogs in a title race. As a whole, they have definitely stepped their game up since last season. Defensively, they have established a promising pace that would make them seemingly qualified to perform at a higher level.

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Soundtrack Saturdays: Vol. 30 {Bossa Nova}

Music is pretty much an important element of my family's cultural dynamics, which is the main reason why it plays such a heavy role in my life today. Growing up, I was always exposed to a variety of music. Even though my house was always full of different sounds from around the world, jazz was always the dominate genre.  There was something incredibly therapeutic about the smooth sway of melodies that rang throughout the confinements of our home. With intentions  to create a peaceful ambiance this week, my musical mood was definitely a reflection of my Latin roots. All week long, I studied, worked, and played with the fond memories of childhood by dancing around the apartment to bossa nova inspired jazz.  It has a funky, yet sweet rhythm and even with added vocals (usually Brazilian, Portuguese, or Spanish lyrics) is so beautiful. Every time I hear it, I fall in love with how it flows so romantically.

Today's feature artists, Stan Getz & João Gilberto completely set the tone for my environment this week. The letras, or lyrics, of this song are poetry of a once harmonious love story that began to lose its tune. To me, it's one lover trying to explain to the other that the love they share is meant to be. I also love Ella Fitzgerald's upbeat, slighly paraphrased rendition of this song. Take a listen and I hope you enjoy!

"..I hope you weaken, oh my love
And forget those rigid rules that undermine my dream of
A life of love and music with someone who'll understand
That even though I may be out of tune
When I attempt to say how much I love you
All that matters is the message that I bring
Which is, my dear, I love you..." [English trans.]

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Today I am a Wanderlust Gypsy...

Port au Prince, Haiti
Every now and then, I'll find myself lost in a dialogue with someone about the future. Conversations such as this, that stem from mutual dreams and ambitions, really do inspire me and make me extremely proud of the people in my life.  The other day, me and a close friend, who just so happens to be one of the most ambitious young men  I've ever met in my entire life, had an extensive conversation about traveling the world.  It started with him inquiring about where he should travel to next.  In response, I dished out names of the different places that I'd personally like to visit and we began to talk about travel plans for the coming year, as well as upcoming projects in our careers.  Because of the mutual interest, my dreamer's heart smiled just thinking about the possibilities of hopping on a plane (or boat) to any and every destination my heart desires.

World travel is one of the biggest things on my before 30 list, as I've previously noted.  Nothing fascinates me more than adventure and exploration. The gypsy in me has always believed that 'the world is too big to stay in one corner' and although I've done my share of traveling, it will never be enough until I am able to see the world.  It's so sad to know that there are people who have never seen further than their own back yard. Being able to experience different cultures is powerful.  The way the lens is automatically transformed when a person realizes how vast the world, even in the ugliest spaces of it, is a complete humbling experience and if one has the opportunity/luxury and resources to tread the earth, learning the beautiful differences of humanity while basking in God's amazing artistry, they are fortunate and blessed. 

With such a huge heart for world travel, I'm speaking it into existence that I will be financially suited to travel tons more next year, put this passport of mine to use, and if God allows, a road trip or two with friends and/or family before the year is over. To add to that wish, an incredible camera [like this one] to capture all the moments. Not only do I think it would be personally rewarding, but also beneficial for the sake of accolades.  For instance, there is so much material I could gather for my writing, another level of inspiration to create more in depth character sketches and thicker plots.  It could even be an avenue to growing my business along with this blog.  What there is to gain outweighs whatever could be lost.

Lanikai, Hawaii
Send me to:
~Paris, France 
~Arta, Greece
~Port au Prince, Haiti
~Rio de Janero, Brazil
~Cape Town, Africa
~Sydney, Austrailia
~Barcelona, Spain
~Lanikai, Hawaii
~London, England
~Cairo, Africa
....just to name a few of the places I'd gladly book a flight to tomorrow if I had a chance and hopefully one day be able to experience them with a special someone. Until that day comes, I'm falling in love and practically consumed with the thought of a jet setter lifestyle more and more each day.

Is travel on your bucket list? Where are some places you dream of traveling to?

{Special thanks to bloggers like Bobbi and Gabby from En Route that help me realize just how much travel means.  One day I will have travel stories of my own. In the meantime, I live vicariously through them!}

Chymere Anais

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Releasing fear. Releasing doubt. Releasing control.

This week, I lived my life according to how I imagine my life to be, acting and moving as thou.  Sometimes we get so caught up in where we'd rather be, that we forget to enjoy where we are. In my thoughts on Friday evening, I vented on Twitter with realizations of how blessed I am; how I could wake up tomorrow [breathing] and lose it all in some wild fire explosion, yet still have an abundance left.  Tonight/this morning, I literally used my physical lens, glanced at this space I've had the opportunity to create from scratch, to see that I have so much to be thankful for (i.e. transportation, a place to live, etc).  I may not be exactly where I want to be, but I honor where I am.  Finally, I'm at a place where I am able to reach beyond what I can see now and know that, ultimately, everything will be okay, because it's all in God's strong, unyielding hands.  And I'm genuinely happy, for no other reason than I want to be; because it's healthy, helpful, and because it's a waste of time to be anything but.

At certain points of my life, I wasn't sure that it was remotely possible to overcome the things I went through.  My journals were so full of tears, convinced that my life was breaking into eternal shambles. The reason I moved on from the old blog was, because it held so many of those moments for the world to see.  In retrospect, I never had a reason to worry; my prayers were always completely safe.  So now, I'm not only praying, I'm also preparing and believing in my heart that the universe understands, even when I don't quite have the words to say in order to make myself understood.

Releasing fear. Releasing doubt. Releasing control. 

So 100+ post later, with many more to come, I now understand why writing is so real to me.  Yes, as a writer, I love the constant feedback I receive from blogging. One single comment has the power to light up my world. I love to make my mark using my gift and  gratefully accept those who read, as well as those who don't care to. Because I do understand that the depth of my words once written, how they affect others, and how they affect me, audience is not the motive anymore. More importantly, I knit these words together so that the message I transmit to the universe/God, what I manifest for myself, and the seeds I plant in the lives of others will all come out beautifully, serving a divine purpose. 

Living in the moment, patiently waiting to see how life unfolds. I hope you are ready to enter the next phase of this journey with me!

-Chymere A.

Monday, November 12, 2012


In Lust With: Channing Tatum, as well as the latest eye candy from No Boiz Allowed Mr. Don Benjamin . Yes to the Lord.

In Love With: God. Myself. Ambition. And those individuals in my circle who embody all of the above. Everything happening to, for, and around me. Life is simply beautiful = )
Working On:  press kits for my business, assignments/research papers for class, and trying to maintain a healthy balance. Yikes!
Favorite Words: "When was the last time you allowed your soul to validate something for you?" Food for thought from last Sunday's sermon The Truth About Truth
Favorite Visual: This new lovely layout for my blog, designed by Kimberly Luxe. It definitely exceeded all my expectations!
Favorite Sound: Bossa Nova inspired jazz...Stan Gentz & Joao Gilberto radio on Pandora is just so...soothing. Great music to study/work to.
Over the Moon About: The power of creating my own reality using divine imagination, the ability to see a situation, imagine as true, and it come to reality.

Thinking Of: holiday plans and gifting ideas.
Dreaming Of: Days where I allow my body to wake up naturally, make a cup of coffee, sit down at my desk and just write. Shower. Dress. Make an appearance at my office only to be greeted by enthused and art-driven employees, followed by a day of casual business meetings, expressing to clients and business partners my creative ideas, having lunch with a friend, exploring different parts of California. When I come home, curl up in my lounge wear with my the love of my life; cook for him, laugh with him, converse, watch a movie, then write some more. Fall asleep and wake up to a different schedule with consistent faces, yet another equally amazing day that I anticipate, love, and appreciate. One day...
Chymere Anais
{New 'Currently' format inspiration from The Indie Byline}

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Soundtrack Saturdays: vol. 29 {In Love We Trust}

Jhene Aiko is an up and coming artist from Los Angeles, who I stumbled upon quite some time ago. Maybe some people weren't old enough to remember her collaborations with R&B/pop group, B2K, in the early 2000's, but she's definitely come a long way since then. She's a lot more soulful and seemingly more in tune with her truth now. 

Although this came out about a year ago, I still really adore this song and how her angelic voice sounds on the track. It was a good idea to bring Casey Veggies in to really bring out a masculine counterpart to the message of this song.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


{It's been a while since I've done a currently post. Although so much has happened in the past month or so, some of the answers are still similar to the first Currently back in September.  To track progress, I'm thinking I'll start doing this monthly with a twist. Thanks again, to Kimberly for the original idea.}

♥ Obsessing Over: Christmas decorating and I'll just say in light of the season, I've really become quite the Betty Homemaker. I'm spending hours in craft stores, sniffing candles, planning recipes, and making sure my apartment looks, feels, and smells like the perfect, cozy Christmas for the next 2 months.
♥ Working On: building the business side of CA Creative ™ . It's a lot of work, but definitely makes me look forward to the next "work" day.  Usually, I'm not able to focus all my attention on a single thing, let alone force it to happen on a daily basis. However, something about this project inspires and motivates me beyond what I can describe and when I sit down to create, it all seems to just flow so naturally. 
♥ Thinking about: What I can do (or keep doing) to mentally, physically, and spiritually prepare myself to recieve the things I've been praying for.
♥ Anticipating: spending the holidays with my family and secretly buying gifts for a particular family I've come to adore...A family that proves that even language barriers can't stop love from shining through.  Also, looking forward to doing a lot more traveling in 2013.
♥ Listening to: Neyo's recent album "R.E.D. (Realizing Every Dream)" on repeat (Please believe, there will be an album review this Saturday for SS!)
♥ Happy about:  President Barack Obama continuing his reign as the President of the United States of America and that I was able to be apart of history twice in this lifetime. Unforgettable.
♥ Drinking: Water and Simply Lemonade with mango

♥ Wishing: that people, despite their race, income status, and gender would unite to make positive differences more often.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Presedential Election 2012

[11.6.12]  In just a few hours, many of us are preparing to witness the admission of the next leader of the United States of America. I have my reasons why I would like to see President Obama continue his presidency for this next term, and although I could give an entire spill as to why he should, it's not my intention to persuade you in any way or tell you who to vote for, but to simply encourage everyone over the age of 18 who is registered to get out there and VOTE, if you have not done so already. Exercising the right to vote is so important in building the economy and moving this country forward. A small thing such as having the resources to educate yourself and formulate an opinion was not even an option for most people at one point.  It's a suffrage that my ancestors died for. Before 1920, women were not allowed to vote. For me, it's all about being able to be apart of a progressive history in a major way. I'm just here to let you know that your voice matters, and if you have been paying attention to the debates, now more than ever.
Despite the outcome, it's imperative that we keep all the politicians (President, VP, Congressmen/women, state legislators, etc.) in prayer.  It's not an easy task to run and entire nation in ruins, therefore we have to learn how to trust a higher force (God), instead of putting all our trust and faith in one man. At the end of the day, the future is built in collective effort, which includes the citizens of America.
Be resillient. Be empowered. Go vote. 
May the best candidate win.
Chymere Anais

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Soundtrack Saturdays: Vol. 28 {Tori Kelly}

Tori Kelly, that voice is...amaaaazing. I'm in love...
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