Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Write Me (Back) Soon

[Some more poetry for you guys. I know these are far in between but I do hope you all enjoy!
And just in case you were wondering, yes. This is a very personal piece, but so are all the others.  I'm finally at a place where I can share this part of me with ease. ]

Precious words spilled all over the empty pages
From the bottom of my soul like imprisoned birds escaping dark cages
Each word had a chunk of my heart enclosed
Each line held a secret that I no longer had strength to hold
Not sure if what I had to say would push you further away
Or posses the power of love conquers all to seal our fate
So naturally, my pen becomes the translator in a language of love that faded over time
Writing a story of how true love, even after being jaded, has potential to thrive
In an honest effort to reconstruct the love we once knew
Was my bravery invisible or did it shine through
Many sleepless nights spent wondering if you eyes ever crossed my heart's message
With fragile hope that your hands caressed it and your mind would digest it, but not neglect it
The jewels of my words were carefully carved to speak my truth
Is it too much to ask for your scripted heart the same way I scripted mine for you?
Patiently I wait as my heart breaks with every passing moon
And each morning another prayer that you find the courage to write me back soon




  1. Wow! I absolutely love poetry and this was such a beautiful piece. <3 Well done



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