Saturday, October 6, 2012

Soundtrack Saturdays: Vol. 26 {Jennah, Solange, Mara, & Emeli}

This week has been pretty busy, which connotes that I haven't had time to dig deep into the music collection like I wanted to in order to produce the continuing segment of the best press play albums of all time series.  Committing to do a list of 25 each week, as you can probably imagine, has been a task in itself, but it's been really fun and I'm enjoying all the feedback I'm getting from it. No worries; I'll get back to it soon! 

The four songs featured today are from 4 incredible female, "underground" artist that I've come to love so much; Jennah Bell, Solange, Mara Hruby, and Emeli Sande.  Their talent and artistry is quite beautiful and the sweet melodies of these songs have been on my musical radar lately. I'm hoping I have the opportunity to sit and chat with them one day; I'll keep dreaming until then.

The first song is a new song that recently dropped by Ms. DJ Knowles and when I tell you I've watched this video every day this week....I love it that much!  It's so cute and her free spirit and vintage style that speaks through her work is so dope, for lack of a better word.  All I can say is: way under-rated. The second is a song written and composed by Jennah herself that she did some time ago from her Early Bird ep and it was the first time I ever heard of her. Instant love.  The last song is a cover Mara Hruby did to "Is This Love" by Bob Marley, which is actually one of my favorite songs to date (I think I included it on my favorite love songs list; if I didn't I need to go back and revise!).  The video is incredible! Emeli's is also an original UK hit, but let me allow you to listen and stop rambling. I do, however, encourage you to get into this music if you haven't heard of these ladies already.  And if you haven't, I am so honored to introduce them to you guys. Without further ado, enjoy!

1. "Losing You" x Solange

2. "3hrs, 59 min" x Jennah Bell

3. "My Kind of Love" x Emeli Sande

4. "Is This Love (Cover)" x Mara Hruby


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