Tuesday, October 9, 2012

On Embracing Fall (Hello, October)

Hello, October! I sincerely hope it's not too late to welcome you. 
Fall is a fabulous season and although I am not a huge fan of cold weather, fall has so many great things to offer. October is usually when the excitement for holiday season begins.  When I think of summer, I think of impulse; when I think of fall, I think of tradition.  There is something significant for everyone about the what is traditionally experienced in this season.  For me, it's togetherness, coziness, live football games, state fairs in country towns, the official start of swim season, opening that old box of sweaters, throws, and coffee mugs. Even the smells of fall excite me, such as pumpkin pie and the lovely fragrance of spices. More importantly, the human spirit feels a new turn in the solstice and it's the perfect time to prepare for major shifts.  So now, I embrace the chilled mornings and shorter days, wrapped in a comfy sweater or pea coat, while listening to my boots crunch dead leaves that have fallen to the ground.  Please don't take this the wrong way, but who knew death could be so beautiful?

In light of a new season, I've done some redecorating to my little apartment. It's amazing what difference even the smallest of changes can make. Finally, I thought, the pieces of my artistic oasis are coming together.  About a week ago, I felt angry within this small space.  Everything I could think of that was wrong with my living arrangements, motivated me to hate it even more. In the midst of that anger, decided I no longer wanted to dwell here and with no solid destination in mind, packed all my things in boxes and storage containers.  When that inner turmoil eventually subsided, I looked around at an empty room and realized that sometimes we have to give things time to develop and work with what we do have.  No, it's not my dream loft, overlooking a beautiful view of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean, but it's what I have now to manifest that dream.  With that revelation, I took a few deep breaths and brought myself back to the present, which lead me to do some interior decorating in my bedroom, the "sacred" place. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably already caught a glimpse. It's nothing major, but it definitely added tranquility to my environment.  There are a few more pieces I'd like to add and once I finish this part, I'll be working on the living room area. 

{Exhibit A}
I'm sort of a homebody, so it's natural for me to want to feel a sense of home wherever I sleep.  After I completed my room, I took a long, hot shower, and felt relieved to get in a bed that was warm and comfortable on a cold, rainy night like the one I was experiencing. Then, I thought about how many people in the world who have never felt anything relatively close to home and all that it embodies.  There are so many individuals who are subjected to sleeping outside, finding warmth however ways they can. That thought made me feel extremely blessed and thankful for something that is so easily taken for granted.  So I thank God for this little apartment and the resources available to make it beautiful and functional.
{Exhibit B}

What are your favorite aspects of fall?  What kind of things are you looking forward to?
Chymere Anais


  1. Love the little touches you've added in your beautiful space. & it's never to late to welcome a month....or is it?! lol. Either way the weather is nice for what we love; scarves, boots & pull overs. At least for me it is!

    - Ahlexandria

  2. Great use of imagery Chymere! As I was reading, I literally began using my senses to imagine these things and now I want to leave work and go home and cuddle in my blanket!

    I love the touches you added to your apartment. My room is red, white and black :) Black and white is so simple, yet so classy and chic that anything goes. Great post!


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