Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How Technology has Changed the Dating Game

Imagine being in a crowded restaurant on a Friday night.  All around, people are congregating with groups of friends, strangers, loved ones, etc.  In modern society, think about what are these people doing.  Are they conversing, laughing, and feeding off each other’s energy or are they constantly staring down into their hands/laps, more compelled by what’s happening on Twitter?  Do they seem to be enjoying the company of those around them or checking emails?

If I guess correctly, in similar situations, most of the time the latter is true. Therefore when it comes to dating to get to know someone new, there’s a missing piece. Because technology plays such a disturbingly major role in building that relationship, sincerity and creativity are almost not even factors anymore. This entire generation has seemed to deviate from the traditional process of getting to know someone and very rarely do people 18-25 understand the value of courtship. 

Courtship is a semi-ancient dating mechanism, if you will.  It was a man’s honest attempt to catch a woman’s attention and admiration.  During this time, he would go out of his way to put a smile on her face, would do anything to spend alone time with her, and most importantly be taken seriously as a prospect.  Intimacy wasn’t anything physical until time was invested.  Now, the process is completely disregarded and replaced with limited face-to-face conversation and easy sex.  Women no longer expect men to chase and men no longer believe there are women worth chasing.  It’s a pitiful reality for anyone to believe they could know someone solely from texting, tweeting, and social media connections.  The dating game has changed so much that it’s become harder to distinguish between genuine gestures and convenience, because we depend so heavily on technology to build bridges.  For example, good morning texts are not romantic; it’s convenient.  The standards we have don’t begin to compare to the lost ones that once kept people together and thriving for years. 

The solution to this problem of lack of communication skills is quite simple: unplug.  Take the time to really appreciate and enjoy life outside of the devices and the people in your vicinity.  Go on dates and put the phone on silent and fall into the ease and relaxation of verbal communication.  There is nothing wrong with being technology savvy; spoken from an Apple girl herself.  Just understand that there is more to life than Twitter and a world that can offer you way more than an iPhone ever could.



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