Friday, September 7, 2012

Look Book Fall '12: Falling for You

Fall is a fun season for fashion to really make a statement in personal style.  I think it's because of the change in the weather, a climate which requires more layers than the summer months.  It's also a bit mysterious for us ladies, because we have a golden opportunity to be sexy without showing too much skin.  It's something so feminine about the way we work around our body structures and pair our favorite jeans in fall.  This season, I'm looking forward to my style matching my ambition, less laid back and more ready for business, in contrast to the breezy, effortless laziness of summertime. For casual/play days, I'll be converting some of my summer items to work with winter pieces, such as blazers, scarfs, and pea coats, and pulling out the comfy sweaters for football games or quiet nights at home.

When it comes to glam, I definitely want my colors to pop.  Because of the southern heat, I didn't wear make up consistently; instead I focused more on taking care of my skin. Lip balms were my best friend all summer. My nails were various shades of pastel pinks and blues or simple french manicures. Mid-summer, I found myself addicted to blush and bronzer, just because it gave me a little something extra that was light-weight, was an easy on the go routine, and didn't feel like it would melt in the sun.  As fall is quickly approaching, I find myself putting on a full face from time to time and playing with bolder colors like magenta lips and black/navy blue nails (current color: Deal with the Devil). Although bold colors are a leap outside of my comfort zone, I really am loving it!

On polyvore, I created this set for my look book collection [seasonal installment]. The summer elements are still the foundation, as I know it will still remain hot until at least September. The shoes, to me, are absolutely fab and I'm determined to get them soon.  It is perfect for school or any event where the environment is semi-relaxed.   Maxi dresses are so cute and comfortable, and because of the length, it easily transitions from summer to fall. They also compliment me well.  

I'm still adjusting to this new side of me, but I'm really starting to grasp the concept of expressing myself through fashion.

Chymere Anais


  1. Both of these looks are cute, Chymere! I really love the first one (and I really need that clutch!). I also like how you incorporated the mary kay brand into your looks :-)


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