Tuesday, August 7, 2012

On Chasing Dreams

I'm such a big dreamer. I fall into deep dialogue with my ambitions and those conversations keep me up at night...but why does it seem so hard to break into any industry involving the arts?  Is it because there are so many people who have become interested in things such as fashion and music, which makes it hard for people who are genuinely passionate about persuing their artistic dimensions? Is it because I have not networked to the point where I have a little black book of  big name connections?  Or is it simply because I'm not working hard enough? 

Whatever the answers, I just hope that I am able to tap into my God-given abilities in order to live out my purpose and manifest the life I was designed to live. There is so much I want and feel called to do; it's just a matter of getting to that place. Even though it sometimes gets frustrating to chase dreams empty handed, I won't/can't give up until I get there, which I believe makes me a solid candidate for success.

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