Friday, August 24, 2012

Fitness Fridays: The Introduction

Nike Women "Make Yourself" Campaign: shot by Annie Leibovitz
Getting back in peak performance shape, as mentioned in a previous post, has proven to be hard work, yet rewarding.  I am loving the momentum building up everyday and where my energy level is since I've started back on a substantial work out plan.  The quality of my life is definitely changing for the better.

While looking over the goals on my To Accomplish list, I wanted to add something that would help me stay motivated on my fitness journey; so I've decided to train for a triathlon with Revolution3 for the next 3 months on top of my current excersise regimen, using Nike Training Club app on my iphone and websites such as Shape and Livestrong as guides.  Initially, the plan was to train without actually participating, but I thought to myself why not participate? Not only will ultimately it give me something to work towards, but I also I think it will be a really fun experience and, upon completion, will prove to be a great achievement to add to personal accolades. There are great things to be said about individuals who are able to conquer such a goal that requires a high level of physical ability, as well as mental preparation and self discipline.
To document my progress, I am incorporating a Fitness Fridays on the blog every week, starting next Friday, August 31, 2012. In this way, I can get feedback from my readers and motivate someone who may be on a parallel journey. It will include tips, inspirational quotes, recipes, journal excerpts, and pretty much anything related to fitness and healthy living.  Perhaps this new installment will inspire others to do a triathlon along with me. If you do decide or are already planning to participate in one and would like to be featured on Fitness Fridays, please shoot me an email me or shoot me a DM via Twitter [contact info can be found in the 'contact' tab above], because it would be so fun to create an army of athletes to blog this journey with!
Let the training begin!
[Sidenote: Thank you guys for your constant encouragement.  The comments you leave and the best wishes you send are remarkable and really do mean a lot to me.  I always feel the love from the web of support I've developed through blogging. During those times where I can't seem to motivate myself, there is always that one comment that makes me realize my dreams again, so I do cherish the connections I make here and want you guys to know that I am forever thankful.]

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