Friday, July 20, 2012

I Am Unlimited

One of my most visited websites is Nike Women. Not only do I just completely adore Nike and everything the brand stands for, it's so inspirational to see the type of women who I consider to be powerful and balanced. I've always admired female athletes, the ones who stay motivated and disciplined enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle practice.

I love this quote.
There was an article in Shape Magazine about a woman who was an avid swimmer who adopted two little girls. Upon the adoption, and aiming to create a balanced life for the new additions in her life, swimming was no longer an important component of her daily routine. I could closely relate to this article in many ways, because I was also extremely committed to swimming at one point in my life. Although in recent years, it became a little less important everyday with the arrival of new situations that required my attention, I still miss that part of ME. Like her, I could see (in myself) how drastically not exercising regularly affected focus, emotions, and physical health.

After speaking with my doctor from back home, I realized that I really need to be more proactive about my health choices. I started to think about some of the harmful habits I've developed in college and the consequences I'll have to deal with in the long run because of them. It's scary to think about all the diseases out there caused by the lack of self-awareness. I'm all for living in the moment and enjoying life, but I also think I can maximized that experience by living well.

The time is take control of my life and be the me I strive to be. This is my journey, right? So it should be more than just me walking through and going along with the motions of my environment. I am unlimited. I can recall how participating in sports improved other areas of my life. How often could I resort to swimming for peace of mind, to simply escape life's perils, and re energize myself on a daily basis. I need that element back, now more than ever.

So here's the plan:
  • No more fast food! (this one is probably going to be the hardest, sad to say)
  • Taking the time to cook balanced meals.
  • Back to swimming: exercising at least 4 times a week. As I go along I plan to increase the number.
  • Keep a progress journal.
I'm excited! You should be too! Feel free to join me on this wonderful road to fulfillment! JUST DO IT.


  1. You have my total support. I know how it is to develop bad habits in college. Nike and those kick butt ladies are super encouraging! Go for your goals can do it!

  2. I'm in the same boat!

    Read the book Fast Fiod Nation, it's written very well, very easy to read, and funny. But it'll make you not eat fast food again.

    It helped me!

    Our health is FOR REAL now, so it's time to get on it.


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