Wednesday, July 4, 2012

On Soul Mates

Not too long ago, I had the rare privilege of meeting one of my soul mates.  The idea is something more spiritual and only certain people believe in the concept itself. I'm definitely a believer in soul mates and that a person can encounter many soul mates in a life time.  It sounds silly for me to be so young and know who that is, but it's my own truth.   This encounter did not turn out to be a fairytale romance nor are we together; however he changed my life in a way that words can't explain. He challenged how I viewed the world and showed me layers of myself that I've never seen before. He shaped my idea of what a soul mate is. There are certain people you feel an incredible soul connection with...that no matter how far you go or how long it's been, you will always feel that bond.  He became that person for me. Unfortunately, sometimes just because we feel it, doesn't mean it ends up manifesting into the natural. If you're lucky enough to be with your soul mate forever, you are blessed beyond belief.

I've made peace with the fact that some things aren't indefinite, and sometimes forever isn't always easy to interpret.  Just because you love someone forever, doesn't necessarily mean they will have an active role in your life for that long.  Just because my story didn't unfold exactly how I thought it should, doesn't mean I should be less grateful for that individual's placement in my life.  I am also convinced that some soul mates happen unconsciously, which has to do with sexual relationships and soul ties.  When someone is vulnerable enough, it's easy to crack open your world and allow unwanted things in. For the sake of length, I won't go into elaborate detail, but I will say it's important to be careful who you let into that [spiritual] realm.  

Hopefully, I'm one of the lucky ones who will end up marrying the right soul mate at the right time.  Otherwise, I don't see myself being married.  When it comes to dating, if the chemistry is off between me and another person, a chance of a relationship being formed is slim to none.  Exuding great qualities and having things in common isn't enough for me and that is probably one of the stand-out reasons why I'm okay with being single.  I just want substance; I want to have something that reaches beyond physical, beyond logic, and beyond imagination. 

Do you believe in soul mates?  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Chymere Anais



  1. Wow. You really are wise beyond your years. And yes, I believe in soul mates!

    "I've made peace with the fact that some things aren't indefinite, and sometimes forever isn't always easy to interpret." - something most of us will never quite grasp, no matter how old we become.

  2. I most definitely believe in soul mates! I feel like my ex was my soul mate, he was just everything to me on every level. We connected on every level, I've never experienced that with anyone else & if I'm blessed enough to experience it again, I will say that I had an AMAZING life. Even though me & him dont talk anymore at all, I'm happy to know that it once happened.

    And I'm the same way, I'd rather be single than to be in a relationship where it's just not quite right. I'd rather be alone than try to force any aspect of the relationship.


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