Saturday, July 28, 2012

Soundtrack Saturdays: Vol.13 {Lion's Song}

This song is so incredibly beautiful and has been on my mind all week. I love the lyrics, the vocals, and the instrumentation equally and they all come together quite wonderfully. Gregory Porter is also one of my favorite Pandora stations.

Chymere Anais

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Watching Over Me

Things have been quite interesting lately.  So much has happened to rock and reconstruct my world and shift many perspectives that have been absolute for years.  The biggest thing was my car accident a couple of days post-birthday.  Long story short, I fell asleep at the wheel and totaled my cherished Carrie (the name I gave my car).  God was definitely watching over me and trying to wake me up at the same time.  Although I'm still trying to get the deeper message in that event, there is no doubt in my mind that he was there.  That was a monumental spiritual moment for me because, I didn't have a scratch.  On top of lives, not just mine, being spared, I was lucky enough to have three incredible friends who were right by my side with a quickness.  They rescued me, expressed gratitude with me, and made me laugh.  That day could have been tragic on so many different levels, but in retrospect, it was actually really amazing.  That day reminded me of how blessed I am.   God has given me another chance at life. No matter what it may look like, I am here for a reason and I will humbly live my life everyday knowing I have a divine purpose on earth.  



Saturday, July 21, 2012

Soundtrack Saturdays: Vol. 11 {Welcome to L.A.}

This song is absolute dopeness. It's a goal to make an appearance at Coachella one of these days; it's only right.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

I Am Unlimited

One of my most visited websites is Nike Women. Not only do I just completely adore Nike and everything the brand stands for, it's so inspirational to see the type of women who I consider to be powerful and balanced. I've always admired female athletes, the ones who stay motivated and disciplined enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle practice.

I love this quote.
There was an article in Shape Magazine about a woman who was an avid swimmer who adopted two little girls. Upon the adoption, and aiming to create a balanced life for the new additions in her life, swimming was no longer an important component of her daily routine. I could closely relate to this article in many ways, because I was also extremely committed to swimming at one point in my life. Although in recent years, it became a little less important everyday with the arrival of new situations that required my attention, I still miss that part of ME. Like her, I could see (in myself) how drastically not exercising regularly affected focus, emotions, and physical health.

After speaking with my doctor from back home, I realized that I really need to be more proactive about my health choices. I started to think about some of the harmful habits I've developed in college and the consequences I'll have to deal with in the long run because of them. It's scary to think about all the diseases out there caused by the lack of self-awareness. I'm all for living in the moment and enjoying life, but I also think I can maximized that experience by living well.

The time is take control of my life and be the me I strive to be. This is my journey, right? So it should be more than just me walking through and going along with the motions of my environment. I am unlimited. I can recall how participating in sports improved other areas of my life. How often could I resort to swimming for peace of mind, to simply escape life's perils, and re energize myself on a daily basis. I need that element back, now more than ever.

So here's the plan:
  • No more fast food! (this one is probably going to be the hardest, sad to say)
  • Taking the time to cook balanced meals.
  • Back to swimming: exercising at least 4 times a week. As I go along I plan to increase the number.
  • Keep a progress journal.
I'm excited! You should be too! Feel free to join me on this wonderful road to fulfillment! JUST DO IT.

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Birthday Chronicles: Where I am vs. where I want to be

[7.12.12] Words can explain how epic my birthday/week was this year; you just had to be there.  It was spent in the Carolinas with a few of my closest friends whom I love, having the time of my life!  Birthdays are always special, because it brings the past 365 days into perspective, well at least for me it does.  Another year has breezed by and I'm thankful for the experiences and progress I've made thus far.  It's hard to revisit every moment, but I do know that that this next year is going to be amazing all because it has a great foundation to build upon. 

I'm happy with where I've been, blessed to be where I am, and confident about where I'm headed.  This year has taught me so much about life and relationships.  It took me awhile, but I've compiled a list of the most valuable lessons that I've learned & re-learned this year:

Defining quote of the moment: "I am learning to allow the space between where I am and where I want to be to inspire me and not terrify me."-Tracee Ellis Ross
  1. Only chase God and dreams.
  2. Pray, meditate, and listen.
  3. Never take anything for granted.
  4. Be mindful of the words you speak.  The power of life and death lies in your tongue.
  5. Invest in experiences.
  6. It's cool to build empires, but have fun while doing it. 
  7. Embrace everything around you; treat the storm and the sunny days equally. Beauty can be found in both light and darkness.
  8. All fiction has a little truth.
  9. Make moves in silence.
  10. To find good friends in people, you must first be a good friend, be open, and reflect God.
  11. Happiness is a choice. 
  12. Allow things to flow naturally and trust the process. Don't force or rush anything.
  13. Find a place where you are happy, well-balanced, and at peace with the universe. Go there often.
  14. Surround yourself with people who ignite fires in you to dream, to laugh, and to reach your full potential.
  15. Success is designed for those patient and humble individuals, who are willing to work while waiting.
  16. Take heed to all of your epiphanies. 
  17. True love never dies.
  18. As you reach new levels, certain things that use to matter won't matter anymore.
  19. You are not obligated to settle for who people expect you to be. Strive to be greater and you will be. 
  20. Don't let fear of failure imprison you.
  21. Count your blessings, not your losses. 
  22. Create and guard your own world. Be careful who you let enter, be careful who you let exit.
  23. Never try to hide your battlefield scars.  They tell stories of strength and overcoming.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Soundtrack Saturdays: Vol. 12 {Black & White Risque}

Feeling a little risque this week and wanted to incorporate that sexy mood into Soundtrack Saturdays. I absolutely love these songs and the black/white, creative aspect of the featured videos.

1. "In the Dark"-JoJo

2. "Play"-Goapele

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

On Soul Mates

Not too long ago, I had the rare privilege of meeting one of my soul mates.  The idea is something more spiritual and only certain people believe in the concept itself. I'm definitely a believer in soul mates and that a person can encounter many soul mates in a life time.  It sounds silly for me to be so young and know who that is, but it's my own truth.   This encounter did not turn out to be a fairytale romance nor are we together; however he changed my life in a way that words can't explain. He challenged how I viewed the world and showed me layers of myself that I've never seen before. He shaped my idea of what a soul mate is. There are certain people you feel an incredible soul connection with...that no matter how far you go or how long it's been, you will always feel that bond.  He became that person for me. Unfortunately, sometimes just because we feel it, doesn't mean it ends up manifesting into the natural. If you're lucky enough to be with your soul mate forever, you are blessed beyond belief.

I've made peace with the fact that some things aren't indefinite, and sometimes forever isn't always easy to interpret.  Just because you love someone forever, doesn't necessarily mean they will have an active role in your life for that long.  Just because my story didn't unfold exactly how I thought it should, doesn't mean I should be less grateful for that individual's placement in my life.  I am also convinced that some soul mates happen unconsciously, which has to do with sexual relationships and soul ties.  When someone is vulnerable enough, it's easy to crack open your world and allow unwanted things in. For the sake of length, I won't go into elaborate detail, but I will say it's important to be careful who you let into that [spiritual] realm.  

Hopefully, I'm one of the lucky ones who will end up marrying the right soul mate at the right time.  Otherwise, I don't see myself being married.  When it comes to dating, if the chemistry is off between me and another person, a chance of a relationship being formed is slim to none.  Exuding great qualities and having things in common isn't enough for me and that is probably one of the stand-out reasons why I'm okay with being single.  I just want substance; I want to have something that reaches beyond physical, beyond logic, and beyond imagination. 

Do you believe in soul mates?  Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Chymere Anais

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