Saturday, June 23, 2012

Soundtrack Saturdays: Vol. 9 {Cali Bound Playlist Pt. I}

Here is a list of songs from my Cali Bound playlist on my ipod.  These are some of my favorite songs that make me smile and, somehow, always put the silver lining in my clouds of doubt:
  1. Natasha Bedingfield-"Unwritten"
  2. Janet Jackson- "Escapade"
  3. Joss Stone- "Free Me"
  4. Andy Grammer- "Keep Your Head Up"
  5. Bob Marley- "Is This Love"
  6. Laura Izibor- "Shine"
  7. Rascal Flatts- "Summer Nights"
  8. Jhero- "Everything"
  9. Jessie J.- "Who We are"
  10. Lee Ann Womack- "I Hope You Dance"
  11. India.Arie- "Video"
  12. Ne-yo- "Better Today"
  13. George Benson- "Breezin'"
  14. Zack Brown Band- "Knee Deep"
  15. Nina Simone- "Feelin' Good"
  16. Miguel- "...All"
  17. 2 a.m. Club- "Same Night Sky"
  18. Herbie Hancock ft. Corinne Bailey Rae- "River"
  19. Leona Lewis- "Happy"
  20. Jordin Sparks- "One Step at a Time"


  1. You never disappoint with your music posts! I love so many of these songs and have found some new ones too!

    Andy Grammer's Keep Your Head Up is such a great pick me up song. I love it :)

  2. Wow, I have 9 of the same songs on my playlist. That's so cool! I'm gonna check out Andie Grammar. Great post!

  3. Girl I need to sit down and listen to more music. I love these artist and still haven't heard half of these songs. LOL sad.

  4. Great playlist. You introduced me to some new music! I really love the Drive soundtrack. You should check it out!


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