Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On the Little Things (Carpe Diem)

photography by: Chymere A.

Many times in life, we tend to forget to count our blessings and fail to learn how to find happiness in the most unexpected places.  We get so caught up in busy agendas, careers, drama, etc. that we forget the little things. That's the lesson I've been clinging to lately; to slow down and stop and smell the roses from time to time.

Early this morning, I took a drive to clear my head and ended up at a children's garden. Walking on this little cobblestone path surrounded by things most people ignore on a daily basis, I whispered a prayer to thank God for the breath of life and for the beauty of his creation. Suddenly, my innocence resurfaced and the lens I saw life through changed.

God lead me in this corner of town for a reason; He needed me to unplug from all my distractions and be still enough to hear His voice. Horace, a Roman poet, once concluded an ancient poem with the phrase: 'carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero'. This translates to: 'seize the day, trusting as little as possible in the future'. Every waking moment holds a purpose. It's an amazing verse that I've permanently adapted as a personal mantra and it's tattoo'd so that I will never forget.

Realizing that so many people don't wake up to see a new day, or can't even hear/see/walk to experience a new day, I felt so blessed to be alive and present. By the end of my stroll, my thoughts stayed in pockets of my brain in an organized manner. I was re-energized and felt a blanket of peace wrap around me. I love finding hidden treasures like this one, full of serenity and inspiration.



  1. Very inspirational post. I love how you had "me time" and reflected on life. I tend to do that a lot too. I've also been having a lot of talks w/God lately...good to know I'm not the only one :)

  2. God is awesome and I definitely needed this remind. Sometimes I work too hard and get so consumed in my work. Turn down friends just to work harder. I need to slow down a little. Thank you!


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