Monday, February 20, 2012


Spring is drawing near and I am amplified! For starters, it means the semester is almost over and I’ll have more time to focus on different projects I’m working on. Although I won’t be graduating, many of my friends are making that transition and I am so happy and proud for them! They’ve worked really hard and it really is motivational. 

I’m also excited about driving again! It might be just a little too much information to share why I haven’t driven since June 2011, but the point is I will be reunited with my baby very soon. Can you say road trip(s)!? Speaking of road trips, I think I’ve manifested being able to drive again, because I booked all these different trips, some strictly business and some for personal pleasure, way before I knew when I would actually be driving. Law of attraction, perhaps??

Besides that, I’m anticipating the close to perfect weather, the vibrant colors, the pretty flowers, even the fashion, which is odd for me, but as of lately I’ve taken more interest in my own style. During the winter season, I’m too busy trying to stay cold to worry about how I look, so I’m excited about the easy, breezy, beautiful sentiments that Spring brings. 

What are some of the things you all are looking forward to this spring?



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